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Exotic Flooring Options: Indusparquet

Founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Kiko Uliana and Jose Antonio Baggio, IndusParquet has been providing beautiful exotic, Brazilian hardwood floors since 1970. After 40 years, it is apparent that IndusParquet is a very family oriented company and they pride themselves on having many original employees still with the company. During the past 40 years, […]

Beautiful Hand Scraped Brazilian Wood Available in Tampa

Although slick and shiny hardwood floors have all the rage for the past 30 years or so, today people are beginning to express an interest in hand scraped hardwood floors. Wondering what hand scraped hardwood flooring is? Here’s the answer. Hand scraped hardwood floors have been carefully sculpted to achieve a final unique look. Hand […]

Exotic Flooring Options: Triangulo

Looking for a more unique flooring option for your home? Check out Triangulo Exotic Hardwoods and all they have to offer, including both engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. When it comes to engineered hardwood selections, Triangulo uses only the best quality engineering process. This takes their products above and beyond their competitors. To […]

New Cabinetry Manufacturer Highlight: Norcraft Cabinetry

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality cabinetry for our customers, which is why we are excited to team with Norcraft Cabinetry as one of our manufacturers in continuing to create beautiful living spaces. Norcraft is one of the oldest companies in the cabinetry business and is known for constructing exceptional cabinetry. In 1966, […]

Recycled Material Floor Rugs

Crafted to promote protecting the earth’s precious resources, our selection of recycled material floor rugs represents a union of style and function. When selecting a floor rug to accessorize the home, both aesthetics and durability must be considered to find a good fit. Our catalogue of recycled material floor rugs includes a variety of color […]

Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Country

  For décor to kindle a feeling of “home sweet home,” we are pleased to provide a selection of kitchen cabinets influenced by a country design style. These cabinets feature a timeless, natural appearance to create an atmosphere of familiarity, instantly making any kitchen a warmer, cozier space to complement a lifestyle of country charm. […]

Cabinetry and Bath: Vanities from Ubath and More

In home design, bathrooms are often given the least attention. Usually the smallest room in the house, bathrooms are easy to overlook, especially when undergoing a renovation that impacts the whole house. However, with the right products and design elements, a bathroom can easily transition into a relaxing, spa-like space or glamorous dressing room. Vanities […]

Kitchen Design Styles: Gourmet

High-end kitchen design with restaurant-quality features are perfect for the person who takes cooking seriously. Professional appliances, durable surfaces and specialty storage make a kitchen fit for a foodie, while sturdy and easy-to-clean surfaces and an organized layout make for a more efficient gourmand experience. Before you begin your kitchen renovation, you should take into […]

Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Shaker

When you hear “Shaker” as a term to describe kitchen cabinets, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t mean they are unsafe or shaking in anyway! The Shaker design actually originated from a religions movement in the 1770’s and the design encompasses simplicity and functionality. You won’t find any embellishments in this design – instead, you can […]