Get to Know Your Flooring Series: Granite

granite flooring

You can find the granite to perfectly match your attitude and décor.

Granite was once the most popular, luxurious material to put on your countertop, but lately it has been making its way down to the floor. Granite flooring tiles are a great way to set a room apart or to make a statement with your entire home. Here’s what you need to know about granite.

Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It does not matter if your style is warm, inviting earth tones, or if it is sleek, trendy, and cool: You can find the granite to perfectly match your attitude and décor.

Granite is tough. Think about it, it’s a slab of rock. It’s likely been around for thousands of years, and it will likely last thousands more. Stone is forever. With a bit of care, your granite floor will last your lifetime, and maybe the lifetimes of your kids and grandkids. With this toughness, you should be aware that it can be hard to stand on for extended periods, and there won’t be much give if junior takes a tumble on it. If you are thinking about granite floors, be sure your feet and family are ready.

Granite is water resistant. As we said earlier, stone is tough. It can shrug off stains and spills, and is ideal for moist environments like kitchens and bathrooms; or, if you’re familiar with the summers in Florida, your whole house. Granite is clean. As a stone, it provides nowhere for bacteria to hide and is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s easy to clean and care for. If you’re ready to invest in granite floors for a room or your whole home, contact us today!

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.