15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

The look of granite in your bathroom immediately brings an air of sophistication to the space. Whether using a black granite or a more subtle white or gold, granite countertops are a terrific choice for your bathroom. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Also, granite is one of the strongest natural stones on earth, and its scratch resistant. Consequently, installing granite bathroom countertops instantly extends your bathroom’s life. Below are 15 of the most popular choices of granite for bathroom countertops:

15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite Options with Brown Overtones

  • Santa Cecilia Granite
    If you’ve been out to eat lately, you’ve probably seen this popular granite countertop in the restroom of your favorite restaurant. The light and dark brown coloring makes it an easy match with a variety of colors. It’s also good at hiding any spills or dirt.
  • Spectrus Granite
    This granite is native to Brazil and defined by its deep, brown veins and reflective surface.
  • Juparana Gold Waves Granite
    Looks exactly like it’s name – it’s a lavish golden-hued granite perfect for brown cabinets.
  • Juparana Classic Granite
    Any homeowner in the market for granite countertops has no doubt encountered this mainstay of residential bathrooms.
  • Giallo Ornamental Granite
    Versatile, this granite comes in different finishes to fit your needs.
  • AJ Brown Granite
    This super-exotic granite offers a mix of dark brown, gold and tan veins.
  • Desert Gold Granite
    Made up of tiny flecks of brown and gold, lighting can make this granite sparkle.
  • Delicatus Granite
    Get a different look when using this granite and a textured “leather” finish.

Granite Options with White Overtones

  • River White Granite
    This creamy white granite is laced with subtle crimson and brown veins for an unassuming look.
  • Kashmir White Granite
    Dove grey accents are littered throughout this white granite for a completely different aesthetic.
  • Royal Ivory Granite
    Best for lighter accent colors, this bright granite brightens any bathroom.
  • King Ivory Granite
    Tiny flecks of tan and brown are scattered throughout this ivory-based granite for a sophisticated look.

Granite Options with Black Overtones

  • Absolute Black Granite
    There is no mistaking this granite countertop. Applying different finishes will enhance its striking black color. These finishes will also increase its durability.
  • Black Marinace Granite
    This granite has larger gray, white and silver deposits giving it the look of a rock-filled river bed. A different, but still elegant option for granite bathroom countertops.
  • Virginia Mist Granite
    A semi-exotic granite, Virginia Mist granite comes in a variety of finishes giving you options for your bathroom.

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