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Decorating Trend: Flooring Accent Wall

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your home, check out the newest decorating trend: a flooring accent wall. Using flooring as a wall accent can add unexpected depth and warmth to any room. It also offers an easy-to-clean surface, a protective and durable surface that will hold up to wear and […]

Keeping Clean And Going Green

Keeping your floors clean is a point of pride for many homeowners. It can also be a huge challenge. Different flooring types respond better to different cleaning techniques. Plus, environmental concerns have highlighted how harmful some cleaners can be; and with children and pets, finding safer, green cleaning alternatives is important. So, what are the […]

Dekton, A Cosentino Manufacturer Spotlight

This manufacturer spotlight is on a wonderful family company called Cosentino and their new generation discovery and development of Dekton. Cosentino is headquartered in Cantoria (Almería) in the south of Spain and is established in over 70 countries. Go Mobile Flooring has always encouraged our clients to thoughtfully consider the available options when they install flooring. We […]

Waterfront Home Flooring

What are the best options for waterfront home flooring? Many people live on the coast, on a lake waterfront, or near enough to enjoy the outdoor benefits of beaches and boating. The flooring needs to be a top consideration. Living along the coast means your flooring choices should ideally be water resistance, easy to clean, and […]

Best Flooring Options For Humid Environments

There’s more to finding the right flooring option than simply choosing a design or material. You may also have to consider how your local climate will affect the appearance and durability of your floors, especially if you live in a humid environment.  Read on to discover some of the best flooring for humid climates: Vinyl […]

Carpet Fibers 101: Polyester

Polyester carpet has been a popular choice in floor covering for a long time, and understandably so. Not only is it durable and aesthetically pleasing, it also has a high level of stain resistance and is very affordable. The Look of Polyester Carpet Polyester’s high-luster appearance lends itself to carpets in a wide range of […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: UMI Stone

Go Mobile Flooring, which serves Tampa and the surrounding areas, is proud to partner with respected companies and artisans. We pride ourselves on working with the highest quality vendors of premium flooring, cabinetry and countertops. In addition, we work to bring our customers the latest design trends. Allow us to introduce you to one of […]

Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl

Flooring sets the tone for any room. From warm and inviting to sleek and cool, your flooring choices have a lot to say about your design personality. At Go Mobile Flooring, we aim to provide customers with access to the latest and greatest flooring options. Through our wide selection of flooring types, we’re confident you’ll […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Indusparquet

Go Mobile Flooring is proud to partner with the best manufacturers of quality flooring in the business. One of our partners is Indusparquet. Founded in 1970 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Indusparquet is a family business with over 4 generations working at the company. In fact, many of the original employees are still there. Below is […]

15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

The look of granite in your bathroom immediately brings an air of sophistication to the space. Whether using a black granite or a more subtle white or gold, granite countertops are a terrific choice for your bathroom. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Also, granite is one of the strongest natural stones on earth, […]