Beach House and Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Themes

Beach House & Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Themes for the Summer

The summer season is the perfect time to spruce up your home in all things beach! This will really set the tone for your living space and yield an inviting atmosphere to all who come into contact with it. It can be overwhelming to decide which part of your home you wish to renovate. So, to get more inspiration, check out a previous Go Mobile Flooring article on quality flooring for your beachfront getaway. But even the slightest of changes can go a long way in transforming the environment of your home. Most beach houses are popular for their coastal inspired kitchen backsplashes. This option gives homeowners the benefit of choosing among several different color schemes that bring out their design vision to life. Even a simple change to your kitchen backsplash will make you feel just a few steps away from the shore. Here are some beach house and coastal kitchen backsplash ideas to consider.

Glossy Tiles

Especially in homes that overlook the ocean, a kitchen backsplash with a glossy finish will help to reflect the beauty of sunrise and sundown! In beach houses, sufficient sunlight is a must. The benefits of glossy tiles are that they will make darker rooms appear brighter and require low maintenance. Also, an easy to clean surface will never disappoint!

Contrast and Accents

Backsplashes add tremendous detail to ordinary kitchens. In most cases, you’ll find that homeowners will install a backsplash that either complements or accentuates their kitchen space. In an all-white kitchen, installing sink-to-ceiling backsplashes will accent the area. Especially if done in a bold, “beachy” color scheme such as turquoise, teal, sea-glass, and aqua. On the other hand, kitchens that already have dark or bold colored cabinetry will blend well with soft and neutral hues of white, grey, or sandy seashells.

Penny Tiles

In the early 1900’s, penny tiles were a classic option for both bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, these tiles remain a popular choice in the interior design world of today. The circular pattern of penny tiles add great detail to coastal home design. Using penny tiles as a kitchen backsplash can resemble the seashells and bubbles of the ocean, achieving the coastal design you’re striving for. Have fun with the colors, whether you want one solid pigment or an array of ocean and seashore inspired colors.

Color Palettes From the Shore

We know a beach house when we see one. Whether it’s a beachfront home or not, it’s easy to sense inspiration from the sea just by the colors and details that accentuate a room. There are many ways to accomplish what we call “beach colors.” Depending on your preference of design, you can shoot towards lighter, softer hues, bright and luminous hues, or darker, vivid hues.

Cool Blues

  • Teal
  • Pale Blue
  • Aqua
  • Turquoise
  • Marine Blue


  • Coral
  • Mint
  • Seashell Pink
  • Peach
  • Sea-glass Green

Soft Tones

  • Sandy Beige
  • Brown
  • Pearl White
  • Warm Grey
  • Wheat

Mobile Showroom Adventure

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