Best Flooring for Commercial Use

When choosing the best flooring for commercial use, you must factor in certain variables of your business. Obviously a big box home improvement store can get away with the minimalist cement floor with a smooth coating. This would not work in a nice restaurant or an office setting.

Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Every work space is different and the needs for flooring vary. Of course, the personal tastes of the business owner or decision maker will ultimately guide the outcome, but here are a few considerations to help you make a wise choice:

What is the Best Flooring for the Optics of the Business?

A beautiful and shiny floor may not be desirable for every commercial setting. In fact, some people work better on a nondescript plain surface. (Welding shops, repair centers, art studios, etc.) On the other hand an upscale men’s clothing store would prefer an impeccable hardwood floor. Even in large retail stores where most of the store is polished cement, you will notice in the clothing sections they have embedded hardwood or quality laminate in that area.

When anyone is looking to buy commercial flooring, there are two main priorities that everyone shares. First and foremost; your flooring should reflect your business and like the design for the rest of your business, your flooring choice must reflect a sense of professionalism.

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What is the Best Flooring for the Function of the Business?

Carpet would best serve the needs of a sound studio where unwanted resonating sounds might hinder production. Hard cement serves a shop where tools and heavy equipment are used. Beautiful laminate patterns and colors may be helpful to influence the workplace in an office setting to increase a relaxing environment. Car dealership showrooms would want a strong hard surface to highlight new vehicle models, perhaps stone or granite tiling would be best. (For a plethora of detailed research click the Consumer Search link below.)

Which type of flooring is best depends on where you want to put it, how much you can spend, and what kind of wear it will get. For this buyer’s guide, we consulted magazines like This Old House and Consumer Reports, in addition to buyer’s guides at Lowe’s and Better Homes & Gardens. Below is a comparison of types, along with pros and cons for each. We also considered each type’s DIY possibilities and other costs.

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What is the Best Flooring for the Budget of the Business?

Flooring is very important, and it is something that should not be ignored but sometimes large work spaces need flooring that will keep the business under budget. This is a balance wise owners and managers understand. Fortunately, there are excellent laminate and carpet options that are good quality and still very affordable.

Good luck with your flooring decision. Spend some time researching the option and enjoy the process! Feel free to call us at Go Mobile Flooring, and we would be happy to bring samples to you with our mobile showroom. Our flooring technicians know every option completely and can help you make a wise decision.