Best Open Concept Flooring Options For Your Home

An open concept room design is full of possibilities. From furniture options to room dividers to flooring, an open concept floor plan is really only limited by your imagination. Below we will examine some of the best open concept flooring options to help you better identify and design your space.

Best Open Concept Flooring Options For Your Home

Select Hard Flooring

Flooring can serve many design purposes, including defining an open space. However, with an open space, maintenance might be your key concern. Since so much of the room will be visible from multiple angles, it’ll be a bit easier to see dirt throughout. This is one reason why experts recommended hard flooring for an open concept design. Hard flooring is easy to clean, much easier than carpet, and easier to maintain than most other types of flooring.

Choose a Neutral Option

Another benefit of hard flooring is that it is typically in natural, neutral colors. Hardwood and tile offer a “blank canvas” to the room, giving you almost free rein when decorating the rest of the space. Additionally, choosing one type of neutral hard flooring and using it throughout the space expands the look and size of the room.

Look for Durability

Open concept flooring bears the brunt of your family’s activities. It’s important to ensure that you choose a durable floor as well as an attractive one. It’s also okay to use different flooring types for different defined spaces. For example, even in an open concept floor plan, certain areas will be offset from others. A key example is the kitchen. While you may enjoy the hard flooring for your living room, tile might be a better option for the kitchen.

Use Accent Floor Coverings Sparingly

There is nothing quite like a well-placed floor rug. They can add a pop of color to a room and also help to “warm” up any environment. Rugs are also great at dampening sound, which may be important depending on how open your floor plan truly is.

No matter what your open concept flooring needs are, Go Mobile Flooring has you covered. Our flooring experts are happy to bring our mobile showroom to your door, giving you an up-close-and-personal look at all of your flooring options. Contact us today for a free consultation.