Buyers Guide Series: Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet

New cabinets bring a sense of new life into your kitchen.

Are you thinking of upgrading your kitchen cabinets to something a little more but you’re clueless as to where to start? Don’t let your worries keep you from the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. Check out these simple tips to picking the perfect kitchen cabinet to suit your style.

There are three types of kitchen cabinets: basic, midlevel, and premium. The basic cabinets are great because they are ready to assemble and install. If you are price-conscious these cabinets are your best choice. When considering the basic kitchen cabinet option remember that your style and trim options, sizes, and accessories may be limited when compared to other more expensive choices. Just be aware that some cabinets may be thinly veneered particleboard instead of higher-quality plywood so keep a keen eye out for a selection that meets your standards.

The midlevel cabinets are a great choice for most kitchens due to a face-frame structure that features a solid-wood frame around the door and drawers. The midlevel kitchen cabinet models often offer customers made-to-order options that allow them to choose the size, materials, trim, and accessories to their perfection. When it comes to midlevel cabinets, the features and quality can vary so be sure you don’t settle for “ok” cabinets.

If you are really picky about the look and style your new kitchen cabinets will express then your best bet is premium cabinets. These semi-custom cabinets will offer you the chance to choose your favorite style and give you the most storage space. One pro of premium cabinets is that the widths may come in ¼-inch increments instead of the usual three inches. One con is the price. Although premium cabinets are less expensive than full made-to-order cabinets, if you pick a model that is the highest quality and offers most of the features, the price tag can be a little pricey.

New cabinets bring a sense of new life into your kitchen. Be sure to channel your own style and stay within your budget and everything will look great.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.