Carpet Trends 2017

Design trends in home decor seem to change with the seasons. It’s certainly true that every year there is a new color scheme, texture or element that is the rage of the year. Carpet is one of those interior design elements that has come in and out of fashion as textiles and design aesthetics have changed.

For 2016-2017, carpet trends are once again changing. Below is an overview of some of the more common trends that homeowners and decorators should consider for their own interiors.Carpet Trends 2017

Growing Carpet Trends

  1. Area rugs and carpet runners: As hardwood floors have become more preferred among homeowners, area rugs and carpet runners have also grown in popularity. Relatively inexpensive area rugs can be easily changed for a new look, color scheme, or design.
  2. Natural fibers: The trend of garishly colored manufactured carpet has long been out of vogue. In recent years, the desire for natural fibers and muted colors has grown even more popular, as well as sustainability. Many of these fibers tend toward more neutral colors which is another growing trend.
  3. Carpet tiles: Easy to install and easy to replace if dirty or damaged, carpet tiles are great for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. They are also very popular in commercial settings.
  4. Softer textures: While whole house carpeting is no longer a trend, luxury textures in personal spaces, such as bedrooms, are very common. Advancements in materials have made carpet softer than ever before.
  5. Protective finishes: In an effort to keep carpet looking better longer, there has been an increase in the application of stain protection options, such as water resistance and pet resistance.

Trending for 2017

If you’re a new homeowner and looking to refresh your interiors, switching up your carpeting is one of the quickest and least inexpensive ways to make maximum impact. At Go Mobile Flooring, our flooring experts work with the newest carpet and flooring materials on the market. Serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas, contact Go Mobile Flooring today for an in-home measurement and a free consultation. Give your home a fresh look this year by following one of the emerging carpet trends.