Dekton, A Cosentino Manufacturer Spotlight

This manufacturer spotlight is on a wonderful family company called Cosentino and their new generation discovery and development of Dekton. Cosentino is headquartered in Cantoria (Almería) in the south of Spain and is established in over 70 countries. Go Mobile Flooring has always encouraged our clients to thoughtfully consider the available options when they install flooring. We believe your beautiful home or office starts with the quality of the flooring, and we are passionate about helping you make the wisest decisions.

Dekton, A Cosentino Manufacturer Spotlight

DEKTON is a revolutionary product as well as a brand of Cosentino. They also are the creators of Silestone and Sensa products.

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials used in the production of glass, latest-generation porcelain tiles, and quartz surfaces. This new and innovative material is paving the way for the future of surfaces for architecture and design.

The Science of Dekton

In the development of Dekton, we firstly sinterize the raw materials using basic components to oversee the whole process and the characteristics of the particles used in the manufacturing process.

The advanced science used in manufacturing Dekton has made this amazing material available for the market. Cosentino initially invested $170 million to bring the future to our flooring. They call it “The Beginning of a New Age.” An industrial complex of over 10 million square feet was built with leading-edge technology to bring the dream to reality. It can produce 1,500 slabs per day.

Cosentino created “a whole new and original product category” referred to as Ultracompact Surfaces. It begins with the “Sintering Process,” dubbed TSP or Technology of Sinterized Particles.

It takes nature over thousands of years to complete this process; we have perfected it and do it in hours.

The Features of Dekton

Here is a partial list of the tremendous features of this amazing material. It would still be something special if only half of these attributes were true.

  • Zero Water Absorption
  • Color Stabilty
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Superior Mechanical Resistance
  • High UV Resistance
  • Ice & Thaw Resistance
  • High Resistance to Fire and Heat
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • High Scratch Resistance
  • Fireproof Material
  • Suitable for Contact with Water

Every responsible home owner or business owner is careful to build their locations wisely. Inexpensive materials may initially seem attractive. But over time, repair and replacement will show they are actually more costly. Dekton is the best product for all of the reasons listed. Go Mobile Flooring is proud to carry it as one of our premier lines.

The Uses of Dekton

  • Flooring
  • Counters
  • Bathrooms
  • Furniture
  • Architectural
  • Interior Design

The list is even longer as Dekton emerges as the global future for builders, architects, and designers. In the Tampa Bay area and throughout Central Florida, we at Go Mobile Flooring have made these superior materials available to our clients.

Please call us and our expert installers will be happy to talk with you about this amazing product. Our goal is to help you make the wisest investment in your flooring that will be beautiful, innovative, and durable.