DIY Pitfalls

There are countless ways a handy person can save money by doing-it-yourself projects (DIY), but we also need to beware of DIY pitfalls, and writer Kevin Stevens came up with a very complete list for general DIY projects . . .

DIY Pitfalls

  1. Underestimating Project Complexity
  2. Unrealistic Budget
  3. We didn’t plan for that
  4. Scope Creep
  5. Lack of Tools or Skills to Use Them
  6. Material Selection / Over Build, Under Build
  7. Aggressive Timeline
  8. Improper Sequence of Tasks
  9. I want it now
  10. Oops, I changed my mind     Care2 Website

Several of his points are particularly true in the flooring industry, so let’s focus on four of them:

“Underestimating the Project Complexity” is one of the DIY Pitfalls

Flooring is the area you really use the most, so it’s smart to think about the fact that your whole body weight walks all over it every day. It needs to be LEVEL, SOLID, STRONG, and DURABLE every day without end. It’s a common mistake for home or business owners to overlook many details as they take on the floors.

Professional flooring companies like Go Mobile Flooring understand this, and therefore approach this work with the advantage of years of experience and training.

“Lack of Tools or Skills to Use Them” is one of the DIY Pitfalls

The reason carpet, laminate, or hardwood installers do such beautiful and precise work because they have the right tools. Many of these tools are too expensive for a DIY one-time project. But because of the finest tools, along with skill training to use them, our installers consistently get rave reviews. It’s a fact of life that if you lack the proper tools, it’s nearly impossible to produce a satisfactory result.

“Improper Sequence of Tasks” is one of the DIY Pitfalls

“Oh, did I need to put padding under that carpet,” is the terrified comment of a DIY’er who got it wrong, and even worse scenarios are when glue or finish comes into play. Neglecting to get the floor level can result in an expensive and complete do-over. Underlayment or structural repairs need to happen first, but we know that and that’s why we get it right the first time, and our faithful clients happily refer us to their friends and associates.

“Material Selection” is one of the DIY Pitfalls

At Go Mobile Flooring, we have learned the wisdom in using only the best materials. It may be possible for you to save a few pennies per square foot by picking up sale items at a local big-box store but in the long run, however, you are compromising the end result and the longevity it provides.

You can save a lot by painting (sorry painters) your own rooms but when it comes to flooring, why risk it? And do you have the time? Call Go Mobile Flooring today, and we would love to plan out your next project with you.