Exotic Flooring Options: Triangulo

Triangulo Floors

Be sure to check out Triangulo if you are looking for beautiful hardwood floors.

Looking for a more unique flooring option for your home? Check out Triangulo Exotic Hardwoods and all they have to offer, including both engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. When it comes to engineered hardwood selections, Triangulo uses only the best quality engineering process. This takes their products above and beyond their competitors. To ensure the highest quality, Triangulo glues under layers of real wood together in different directions using pressure to assist in producing strong and durable floors.

The engineered hardwood flooring is much more stable than solid hardwood due to this cross-ply method that is applied to the flooring.  One factor that is important when considering the stability of Triangulo flooring is the environmental conditions that may effect the shrinking and expanding of the hardwood. Thanks to this extra stability, Triangulo engineered hardwood floors can be installed in ways unlike a solid hardwood floor, such as in multiple applications and over a matured concrete slab.

Another interesting feature of Triangulo is that they offer Exotic Solid wood flooring that is ¾” thick and that has tongue and groove sides to help join the boards together. Due to the random nature of the exotic solid hardwood flooring, no solid hardwood floors will look alike so you will be able to boast that there is no other floor like yours! To finish the job, Triangulo uses a crystal pre-finishing process that applies as many as nine coats of Aluminum Oxide to ensure maximum durability and to enhance to beauty of the solid hardwood flooring,

Be sure to check out Triangulo if you are looking for beautiful hardwood floors. Both of the engineered and solid hard wood options are spectacular and with such an array of woods to choose from, from Brazilian Cherry to Tigerwood, you are sure to find exactly the Triangulo Exotic Hardwood flooring you desire.