Get To Know Your Flooring: Limestone



Transform your home into a lively and unique space.

Limestone is a natural flooring material with the potential to transform your home into a lively and unique space. But when it comes to flooring not all spaces are created equal and neither is all stone suited for every project. Here are a few important details to consider before making your final flooring choice:


The great news about limestone is that it can afford you great versatility. For being a stone, it is relatively lenient; it can be cut into slabs or bricks and even be cut into planks that are virtually indistinguishable from wood. Another great feature is the fact that Limestone’s a completely natural material, making it a great non-polluting and eco-friendly flooring option. Additionally, buying locally can help eliminate the need for transporting the stone across great distances, minimizing environmental impact even further. Limestone is a great flooring selection because it has the power to connect a space with nature and can add real-world value to your home.


Limestone is a high-maintenance, porous material that requires regular treatments in order to protect it from spills and moisture. Consider that when you are thinking about limestone for outdoor projects or higher-traffic, moisture-prone rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens as these will require increased fortification. Whatever the application, your limestone should be treated with a below-surface sealer as well as a surface finishing treatment in order to offset its natural vulnerability to stains and spills.

Bottom Line!

No matter the job, Limestone is a good-looking choice! Whether your project is indoors or out in the open, get as much specific information as possible before you buy. Ask your retailer or contractor as many questions as you can and be sure to get the scoop on how often your floors will require maintenance as this can significantly impact costs.
Paying close attention to these details and following proper maintenance guidelines will ensure that your limestone floor sets your home or business apart from the rest and remains stunning for years to come.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.