Best Matches for Grout, Color and Texture

As mundane as it sounds, the workman’s terms for beautiful flooring needs to be considered. Grout, color, texture and other terms, if understood, will help you pick the best over-all flooring. Let’s examine the basics to better understand how they all work together.

Let’s think about GROUT.

Here is a basic definition for this weird sounding material:

Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps. It is used in construction to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints such as those between tiles.    – Wikipedia

Grout comes in and can be mixed to different consistencies depending on the application. Experienced tradesmen know how to carefully and quickly get the job done.

Let’s think about COLOR.

The great news is that grout comes in any color. In fact, you can have it colored to match your tiles, cabinets, or any other feature in the room. It would seem that this is the easiest feature to decide upon, but it still requires a professional eye. Anyone can tell you of a neighbor that painted their house fluorescent green because they love that color. But is that really the right choice to paint a house? Same goes for cars and floors!

Let’s think about TEXTURE.

Texture is one of those tricky features that you may not notice up close or at a glance but often has a drastic effect from a distance. If your selected room is modern with polished veneers, a smooth floor with shiny tiles may be perfect. If the room is rustic with a natural look, you may prefer to have rough flooring stones installed. Of course the three features we are discussing (grout, color, texture) need to compliment one another.


Imagine how grout, color, texture and other features relate to each other. It has been said that there is no wrong answer, but in design that’s really not true. Professional installers and designers have the expertise you need to make the best choices for your space. Personal preferences sometimes are best trumped by options that elevate the over-all appeal of the room and of course the resale ability.

If resale value and general appeal doesn’t matter, then you have the freedom to mix and match grout, color, texture and any additional components you prefer. After all, it is the space you live or work in. Do what you want!