Beautiful Hand Scraped Brazilian Wood Available in Tampa

Handscraped brazillian cherry

beautifally aged Brazilian Cherry handscraped hardwood

Although slick and shiny hardwood floors have all the rage for the past 30 years or so, today people are beginning to express an interest in hand scraped hardwood floors. Wondering what hand scraped hardwood flooring is? Here’s the answer.

Hand scraped hardwood floors have been carefully sculpted to achieve a final unique look. Hand scraped wood gets its name from the type of surface treatment it receives and artisans create the beautiful hard scraped wood by using tools like chisels and hammers to inflict dents and create a more natural look. Other ways to achieve the hand scraped wood are sanding, denting, and scooping the wood to make indentations, and creating little splits and holes.

The hand scraped wood is often characterized by its aged look, but in today’s world hand scraped wood floors are available in most popular woods and colors. This allows the floor to have that natural look, but still enjoy the modern finishes to help protect the floor.

One popular wood that creates a beautiful hard scraped hardwood floor is Brazilian Cherry. Brazilian Cherry ranges from a light orange-brown color to a darker reddish color and sometimes you can find darker grayish streaks in the wood as well. This wood is stiff, strong, and hard so it can withstand the techniques needed to give it that hand scraped look. Brazilian Cherry has a medium to coarse texture in addition to a good natural luster.

Brazilian Cherry stains, glues, and finishes well, which are also great characteristics when enduring the hammering and chiseling to give it the perfect hand scraped wood look.