Heated Flooring in Your Bathroom This Winter

heated bathroom

There are two kinds of bathroom floor heating systems, electric radiant heat and Hydronic heating.


During winter months, it is almost impossible to escape the season’s chills. Bare feet on a cold bathroom floor are a rude awakening to each and every day. There is, however, an alternative. This year, consider adding heated flooring to your bathroom.

There are two kinds of bathroom floor heating systems. Electric radiant heat, which utilizes electricity and is ideal for single bathrooms; and Hydronic heating, which utilizes heated water through a system of tubes and is ideal for wiring an entire house. The use of these heating styles is ideal under tile, ceramic or porcelain floors, for they are strong conductors. Wood floors, however, are relatively inefficient because of their delayed heating time. Both styles require small wiring, meaning that the height of your bathroom’s flooring will not make a noticeable difference.

The advantages of heated flooring in your bathroom are plentiful. Many floors are hooked up to a wall thermostat—and believe it or not, the use of this floor may result in a decrease in your electric bill. Floors that are heated in the morning often stay warm throughout the day. This means you can cut down on your use of other thermostats without having to compromise your comfort. In addition, heated floors are a luxury that once you experience; you will not be able to live without. As a result, such flooring can come in handy when selling your home, for it may give your house the extra appeal to trump its competition. Keep warm this season—and every season after. Install heated flooring in your home’s bathroom.

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