Holiday Floor Protection

In Tampa Florida there is not a lot of worries from salt, snow and dirt coming into your home this holiday season. However, we believe in a holiday floor protection strategy. The following article will help floors look and feel great during and after the holidays, especially if you live near the beach. Sand from the beach can be just as damaging as salt or snow. Some of the benefits of having a holiday floor protection plan:

Protect Floors from Holiday with a holiday floor protection plan

Protect floors from the holidays

We suggest doormats, furniture pads and shoe trays for the best protection of your floors this holiday season.


The best way to keep dirt outside is with a festive doormat. Doormats greet your guests and protect your floors. Remember do not get too creative. Guests might think it is to festive for them to wipe their feet on. A simple but fun holiday greeting mat will suffice. Frontgate has some beautiful options. For the budget conscience check out Overstock for doormats.

Furniture Pads

Save your back, get furniture pads. Amazon has a plethora of offerings and fast shipping. Part of protecting your floors is thinking ahead to what your guests might do. Moving a couch that has padding instead of grinding it along your new wood floors can ruin the mood. Plan ahead and make a small investment for your floors.

Shoe Trays

As guests arrive you need to tell them where to place shoes. If you have a household rule stick to it and make it clear. The best way for this to be comfortable for everyone is to have an area with a shoe tray for your guests. We suggest a rubber shoe tray. This might not be large enough, so make certain to accommodate all of your guests. Be careful about purchasing a shoe tray with a drip grid unless you plan on keeping it outside.

Also, for the pets that just “magically” appear in addition to your guests… shoe trays can be great for containing dog and cat bowls and the spillage that will accompany them.

Benefits of holiday floor protection

Remember a simple, but often forgotten step. When preparing to entertain guests save cleaning the floors for last. Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or a combination, cleaning your floors first only to then have a spill before your guests arrive can be very frustrating. Save the stress and wait until the last minute to clean the floors.

If you follow these simple steps your holiday floor protection plan should be effective and seamless to your home, your guests and the festivities that bring us all together. Following these steps will help you keep floors looking new and clean for many holidays to come.

Give the gift of new floors!

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