Kitchen Cabinet Materials: Expensive Wood

Expensive wood cabinets

Expensive woods such as cherry and walnut will cost you a little more

Coordinating an expensive wood cabinet with floors, appliances, countertops and other finishes is not terribly difficult because woods like cherry and walnut look good with everything. You can pair a dark, expensive wood with granite countertops and tile flooring, or you can choose a hardwood floor to match your cabinets. Stainless steel appliances will continue the upscale look and high quality finish of your kitchen. One thing to keep in mind is that the color of your expensive woods will change on your cabinets over a long period of time. If you select cherry, it will get darker as it ages. When you choose walnut, it will actually get lighter as it ages. Remember this as you plan your long term decorating scheme.

Expensive woods such as cherry and walnut will cost you a little more. However, you’ll get a hard, reliable wood that won’t be prone to damage. The wood is not easily scratched, dented or torn. It will be a strong and durable fixture in your kitchen for many years to come. When choosing which cabinets to install in your kitchen, consider a long term investment in expensive wood.

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