Kitchen Cabinet Materials: Midrange Wood

midranged wood

Hickory is a midrange quality wood, so it is a little pricey, but affordable.

Hickory trees produce some of the hardest, densest, heaviest and strongest American wood today. It has bold and elaborate pronounced grain patterns. Its grain patterns range from almost pure white, to reddish, dark brown, and it even sometimes possesses beautiful imperfections known as burls, knots, water stains and streaks of minerals. Its grain and intricacies can be extenuated with finishes and bleaching treatments if you would like to darken or lighten them. Hickory pairs well with an endless number of finish and stain colors.

Be mindful, while very durable and long lasting, Hickory must be taken care of. Use a soft cloth immediately to pick up any spills, moisture, chemicals or hot food, and never scour or scrub the surface. You really only need soap and water or a cleaner intended for wood surfaces.

Hickory is a midrange quality wood, so it is a little pricey, but affordable. Midrange wood is especially affordable if you buy it used or unfinished. You can refinish, refurbish and modify it to your liking yourself. The incentive to choosing Hickory wood for your cabinetry over more expensive hardwoods, is that it is actually tougher and more durable than both oak and maple. If it is coated and sealed with a clear protective sealant it will last for many years. Florida is known for extremely high levels of humidity, but once treated their resistance to moisture, serves as an excellent choice for cabinets all over your home. Oh and don’t forget how magnificent it smells.

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