Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Arts and Crafts

shaker kitchen cabinets

The arts and crafts style is similar to the gothic, shaker, and oriental designs

Arts and crafts kitchens? Is that where the kids display their artsy abilities? No! An arts and crafts kitchen is a kitchen style that is identified by simple lines, rugged construction, and very simple decoration.

If you were wondering when this arts and crafts style popped up, you will have to trace its origin back to 1890 England. The arts and crafts movement began in response to the ornate furniture of the time period and it focused on simplicity, craftsmanship, and quality.

The design concept for an arts and crafts kitchen is built on straight lines and heavy proportions. The arts and crafts style is similar to the gothic, shaker, and oriental designs. Although the most common wood for these kitchens is Quarterswan Oak, other woods could be used including Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, and Maple.

The craftsmanship of an arts and crafts kitchen is recognized by the dovetailed drawer boxes, mortise and tenon joinery, and the rugged hand-made construction. This style prides itself on being functional, well built, and able to endure cabinetry.

The arts and crafts style allows natural light to brighten the room and it allows the space to appear more open. The beautiful woods are the highlight of the room, but you can easily bring in different elements to help the arts and crafts style really stand out.

If you are interested in this style, be prepared to pay the price. Appreciating and wanting a top quality custom cabinet created by artisans of the trade won’t come cheap, but think of how happy you will be when you go to make breakfast in your beautifully crafted kitchen every morning. It would be completely worth it.

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