Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Asian

asian style

Asian is a style that is elegant and modern

There are dozens of different styles and themes you can choose for your kitchen cabinets. Your priorities must be functionality as well as appeal. While you want something nice to look at, it’s also important that you can reach what you need and that you have enough storage space to hold the things for which those cabinets are built.

The Asian style will provide you with clean and neat geometric lines as well as subtle curves that give your cabinets a polished look that is smooth and well put together. It’s a style that is elegant and modern. Even if you don’t have a completely Asian-inspired kitchen, introducing this element into your cabinets will complement contemporary as well as traditional kitchens.

Consider choosing bamboo for your cabinet surfaces when you decide to use an Asian style. While bamboo cabinets are not as popular as bamboo flooring has become, it’s starting to show up in some kitchens. Bamboo is ideal, and not just because it’s environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable. It has a natural repellant against pests and it will match any hardwoods or other flooring you select for the kitchen. Otherwise, dark woods will look good and are consistent with Asian cabinets, especially maple. You could also choose cabinets that are painted black or red.

Keep your kitchen simple when you’re decorating with Asian-inspired cabinets. You can continue your theme by hanging silks and pictures that are culturally relevant to Asian cultures. Set your table with chopsticks and choose a bamboo plant or a Chinese wood bowl as the centerpiece on your table. A small statue of Buddha will not only add interest to the kitchen and your cabinets, it might also bring a bit of peace and serenity to the table around which you and your family and friends break bread.

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