Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2014

Kitchen in Mansion

Some of hottest kitchen remodeling trends.

It’s the warm, beating heart of your home. It’s a source of fuel, fun, and forgotten nights. Whenever you have a party, people always crowd into it. It’s your kitchen, and don’t you think it’s time it got a facelift? Whether you’re thinking a new fixture or an all out gutting, here are some of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends for 2014.

Open and glass-front cabinets. Many homeowners are switching their solid cabinet doors for glass or ditching them all together. This can make the kitchen seem bigger and more open. It also encourages you to pare down your kitchen wares, leaving only the great-looking pieces you need. You might need to upgrade your china, too!

Darker colors. A lot of kitchen remodelers are going for sleeker, more refined looks by getting black countertops or using much darker paint for their kitchen walls. By making the surfaces darker, you can foreground your fixtures, appliances, and even your meals, since they will stand out against the darkness. Presentation is important.

Camouflaged Appliances. Also in the interest of sleek modernity, some kitchen designers are predicting that more people will build-in appliances and have them match the counters and cabinets, creating a more unified, consistent look.

Brass. Everything old is new again. Many homeowners are embracing the retro-urban trend and using old, dented brass accents on their cabinets. Done correctly, these can add a fun, bohemian vibe to your kitchen.

Sustainability. Sometimes it can be a meaningless buzzword, but lots of homeowners are realizing that renewable materials can help their wallets along with their style. Materials like bamboo are sustainable, while also being quite beautiful. Bamboo flooring is low-maintenance, water-resistant, and not as fatigue-inducing as stone.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.