Laminate Flooring History

Unlike the history of hardwood, laminate flooring history is relatively easy to trace. It is a product of modern technology thanks to the genius of the Swedes. A Swedish company called Pergo branded it under their own name in 1977. If you are old enough, you would have identified it as Pergo before calling it laminate.


Laminate Flooring History is a Short History

Originally called Pergo in 1977, it quickly became very popular throughout Europe.

The Pergo formula took a simple type of decorative laminate, which had previously only been used to make kitchen countertops and brought it to the living room floor. Needless to say, it went over in a big way.   Learning Center

Laminate flooring (Pergo) was introduced to the American market in 1994. Back then we called it “floating floors!” Ask a baby-boomer person about it, and they surely will share a story with you about how easy it was to install. Some people confuse laminate flooring with other types of wood. Remember, don’t confuse the type or style with the name of a manufacturer. Some don’t even make countertop laminates. The brilliant Swedish craftsmen pioneered the laminating process which fuses various materials and covers it with a protective coating.

Laminate Flooring is Here to Stay

Some have enough extra money that they can afford the luxury of hardwood flooring. The question for home owners or business owners alike is,

Why not spend much less for laminate flooring that most people cannot distinguish from hardwood?

Because of the widespread popularity of laminate flooring, the answer is obvious. In a mere 39 years it has come to dominate the flooring business worldwide. And even older laminate floors still compare favorably with real hardwood floors. Also we ought not overlook that more advanced technologies since 1977 have resulted in more variety of grains, tougher materials, and easier to maintain floors.

Oh, by the way, Swedish people don’t like being called Swedes. It is derived from the Proto-Indo-European reflexive pronominal root!