Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles

kitchen cabinets

choosing the right cabinetry will make all the difference.

As a high-traffic, multipurpose space, the kitchen is the hub of every home. Naturally, we wish our kitchen to be elegant, inviting and also to display our individual sense of style. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a look that expresses your modern flair, choosing the right cabinetry will make all the difference. Here are a few cabinet style tips to ensure you get the modern kitchen look you’ve always wanted.

Think Frameless – Your cabinetry should set the mood; the consistent spacing and sleek design of a full-overlay, frameless cabinet construction is exactly what you want in a modern kitchen. Given its overall industrial feel, the modern look relies heavily on the inherent beauty and blending of natural materials; when choosing materials for your cabinetry and overall kitchen space, opt for natural materials such wood, metal and semi-opaque glass.
Clear the air – The key to modern style is minimalism. In a modern kitchen, your cabinetry integrates with appliances to create a uniform, sleek and simple look. Modern kitchens make the most of the space; you’ll want to consider the layout and plan accordingly for storage. Kick drawers underneath the cabinetry, for example, can provide added storage without disrupting your design ambitions.

Horizontal Lines – You want your cabinet style to create plenty of horizontal lines that flow through and open the room. Think cabinets with horizontal grooves or a horizontal grain finish. You can accent horizontal themes by adding cabinet hardware the full length of the drawers and doors.

Less is more – In keeping with the modern minimalist theme, you’ll want to keep ornamentation to a minimum for a clean, fresh look that is striking and sharp. In modern kitchens your cabinetry, appliances and accents (such as a marble-finish island for example) are often all the décor you need to keep things striking and chic.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.