Monthly Manufacturer Spotlight: Forest Accents


With their broad and unique variety of hardwood, Forest Accents can bring your vision to life.


Hardwood is renowned for its iconic beauty and unrivaled ability to transform an ordinary space into the remarkable.  Forest Accents offers only the best in hardwood flooring, with a broad range of styles that frees your sense of adventure and allows you take creative control.

Engineered or Solid Wood

When it comes to hardwood, understanding how the material will fit and interact within your project’s environment is vital.  Engineered hardwood is designed to reduce the wood’s rate of natural expansion and contraction, offering protection from the elements in regions with difficult, humid weather.  Solid wood on the other hand generally require s a gap between the wall and the floor in order to allow for swelling; however, because it’s thickness solid wood offers greater structural strength.   Whether engineered or natural hardwood, a qualified Forest Accents retail dealer will help you select the hardwood flooring that works best for you.

Textures and Styles

With Forest Accents you can choose from a wide variety of domestic hardwood species, including Oak, Hickory and Maple.  And for design palettes with international flare, Forest Accents delivers exotic hardwood options such as Brazilian Cherry, Bamboo or African mahogany.

As it is natural product, each species of hardwood bears a distinct grain, making it unique and valuable.  Forest Accents delivers a collection of beautifully surfaced hardwood including hand scraped, wire-brushed and smoked, in an array of beautiful colors ranging from pecan cherry to maple.

Renovating or installing new floors can completely change the look and feel of any space; with their broad and unique variety of hardwood, Forest Accents can bring your vision to life.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.