Monthly Manufacturer Spotlight: Glazzio Tiles


Glazzio Tiles have the unique, vibrant look to set your space apart.

Tile is among the most popular decorative products on the market and when it comes to making a splash, nothing enhances the look of any space like Glazzio Tiles! Glazzio offers only the best in glass tile, with a broad selection of practical, striking designs in an array of colors and styles that enable you to take the creative control you need to make your project come to life.

Whether used at home or your business, Glazzio Tiles have the unique, vibrant look to set your space apart. Impervious to sunlight, water-resistant and completely weatherproof, Glazzio Tile is suitable for just about anywhere, easily adapting for internal and external applications. With Glazzio, you’ll never have to worry about losing that special shine; the tile is super easy to clean and never discolors, ensuring a timeless dazzle.

When it comes to design and applications, with Glazzio the sky is the limit. Use Glazzio to set your business apart by highlighting external building features using energetic Glazzio designs. You can turn your dull kitchen into one you can be proud off; or turn your bathroom into a modern and beautiful space for reflection. Brighten up your garden walls or add the perfect accent to your pool or spa. With Glazzio Tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Whether used for entire walls or simply adding backsplash, with proper spot lighting, incorporating colorful glass tiles into your project can dramatically change the look and feel of any room or space. Glazzio Tiles has everything you need to turn your next project into a stunning work of art. With their broad and unique variety of glass tile, Glazzio Tiles can bring your vision of shining beauty to life.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.