Monthly Manufacturer Spotlight: IndusParquet



One of the leading exotic hardwood flooring companies.

Since 1970, IndusParquet has been providing beautiful exotic, Brazilian hardwood floors. Founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Kiko Uliana and Jose Antonio Baggio, IndusParquet is a very family oriented company and they pride themselves on having many original employees still with the company.

After 40 years of hard work, IndusParquet has established themselves as one of the leading exotic hardwood flooring companies. Equipped with over 500 employees, three manufacturing plants in Brazil, and distribution centers all over the world, IndusParquet is able to export their exquisite hardwood floors to all five continents. The top-notch flooring can be seen in many of the world’s most distinguished settings like Louis Vuitton stores and Ferrari showrooms in Italy.

IndusParquet prides themselves on their selection of exotic hardwood flooring. Each exotic collection includes quite a few Brazilian woods, ranging from Brazilian Cherry to Brazilian Walnut. Each of these woods in the smooth collection offers a silky smooth look that enhances the grain of the wood. The expansive range of colors will ensure that you will find a wood well suited for your room. If you are looking for a wood that really highlights the different directions of the grains, check out the textured collection. The grains are a little darker, making them really pop against the lighter shade of the wood.

If you are interested in something a little different, the metallic, mosaic, or wall collections are worth a peek. Although the metallic collection only houses two options, they are sure to wow you. The metallic gleam is sure to enhance the surroundings to really take your room to the next level. The four exotic woods in the mosaic collection will stun you right away. The different shades, colors, and the uniqueness of the patterned squares are one of a kind. The beauty is embodied in the difference and it is breathtaking. The final collection, the wall collection, houses your checkerboards-style patterns. The smaller wood squares are all different, and placing them all together is very visually thrilling.

All of the different exotic woods are topped off with a durable finish to ensure that they never lose their brilliance and shine.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.