Monthly Manufacturer Spotlight: Schluter® Systems


Tested for quality, everything at Schluter® undergoes rigorous testing.

Schluter® Systems began as a simple tile installation company in 1966. However, due to the vision and innovation demonstrated by the company staff and leadership, Schluter® has grown into one of the premier ceramic and tile installation solution providers in the world. With over 40 product lines and numerous awards and accolades, Schluter® Systems has grown astonishingly since its modest beginnings.

Schluter’s® Systems first major innovation was the Schluter®-SCHIENE, a metal L-angle installed before the tile was put down that would protect the edge of the tile from chipping and also serve as a transition to other surfaces. In the nearly 40 years since that game-changer, Schluter Systems have become the largest and most consistently creative tile installation solution provider in the industry.

It does not matter if it is the Schluter®-SCHIENE or one of the company’s other profiles or systems, everything at Schluter® undergoes rigorous testing. By qualifying the products both in-house as well as in third-party laboratories, customers can be assured that each piece bearing the Schluter® name is of the utmost quality and will stand up to years of use and abuse.

Schluter’s® commitment to excellence is reflected in the company’s employees as well. Innovation and improvement are the watchwords at Schluter®. The company demonstrates this commitment by providing the time and opportunities for its employees to receive continuing education on new techniques and technologies in the industry. Additionally, Schluter® employees are encouraged to share information outside of the company, speaking at conferences and other events. This culture of creativity, innovation, and learning has been crucial to the company’s success since Werner Schluter® laid his first piece of tile.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.