How to Organize Your Pantry with Cabinets

Oftentimes a pantry can become the great abyss. Deep shelves with stacked cans and open bags of different (or the same) food can quickly become just a jumbled mess. However, there is hope. Organizing your pantry kitchen cabinets and taking stock of what you have, will help you better utilize the space so it’s more user friendly. Here are a few key ways to get your pantry under control:

Choose and Use Your Cabinets

If you’re starting from scratch, i.e. building or remodeling your kitchen, this is the perfect time to really take stock of the cabinets you need. Based on the design and layout of your kitchen, cabinets mounted to the wall or underneath the counter might be your best option. If you’re lucky enough to have a nook or built-in pantry, even better. Consider how deep and tall the shelving is in relation to your family. You’ll want to be sure that your shelves aren’t so deep that items will get lost. If possible, you’ll also want shelves that are different heights to accommodate various products.

Even if you’re working with installed pantry kitchen cabinets, you can modify them to meet your needs. Shelving inserts and dividers are a great way to better utilize the space.

Hidden Features

Many newer cabinet companies now offer the ability to add on a variety of organizational elements when installing your cabinets. At Go Mobile Flooring, we are proud to help our customers design the kitchen of their dreams, and that includes making it as user-friendly as possible. Some of the newer features to include are:

  • Hidden Hamper with Slide-Out Drawer: This not only gets the hamper off the floor, but keeps that unsightly pile of dirty clothes hidden.
  • Over the Fridge Slide-Out Shelf: This is a terrific option to finally use the normally wasted space above the fridge.
  • Slim Shelves for Waster Space: You know that little crevice between the stove and the counter? Turn that into useful space with a slim cabinet that can fit spices or a built-in utensil caddy.

However you use your kitchen, Go Mobile Flooring can design cabinets that will meet all your needs. Go Mobile Flooring is happy to meet with you, in your home, to offer you a free consultation. Our team installs pantry kitchen cabinets that fit different aesthetics and uses. Check out our product selection here or contact us today.