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The backbone of your carpet’s comfort is the padding.

Underneath the surface of your carpet sits the backbone of your carpet’s comfort: the padding. Not really sure which carpet padding to pick? Does each room need a different type? Wait, there are different types?! Don’t worry, here’s a quick cheat sheet on what you need to know to pick the perfect carpet padding.

First, find out the carpet manufacturer’s general requirements. This will help you choose the thickness and density that you will need to make sure your carpet performs the way you want it to. Also, knowing the general requirements can help you avoid an issue such as having a carpet that is too thick and interferes with the anchoring of the carpet.

Second, determine how much traffic your carpet’s location will be getting. For bedrooms, dens, lounging areas, and rooms that receive only light to moderate traffic it is suggested that you get a thicker cushion. Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, stairs and heavy traffic areas demand a thinner and firmer cushion.

Thirdly, be sure to learn your specific carpet type. There are many different constructions of carpet ranging form cut pile to level loop to patterned-pile so be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for your carpet type to ensure that you pick the perfect padding.

Finally, be aware that if you have a heated floor system, underneath the carpet may require a specific cushion. Be sure to check the thermal resistance rating of both the carpet and the padding.

The many benefits of having the perfect padding includes an increase in the carpet’s comfort level, extending the carpet’s life, and helping reduce sound. Examine all your options and don’t be afraid to ask professionals for their opinion.

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