Porcelain Floors – The New Tile

Porcelain tile and grout

In the modern era, porcelain was produced as far back as 1843. (About.com) There were even more ancient versions all the way back to the late Greek and early Roman periods. However, it has only become affordable in recent years. Today mass production and technologies have made it an option for homes and businesses.

Porcelain is a denser, more porous, and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile.  – HGTV

Porcelain is harder than Ceramic

Porcelain is actually a form of ceramic that has been heated to temperatures as high as 1400 ºC. This greatly increases the strength of the material. Also it allows for more creativity with the design patterns on the tiles. In some cases the tiles are beautifully glazed. The investment is a long-term wise choice.

It is more difficult to Install

Due to the hardness of the material, cutting and shaping requires professionals with the right tools and expertise. Regular ceramics can be installed by most handy men. The higher cost for porcelain, along with its hardness, demands the best craftsmanship. Why take chances? Hire experienced pros to do the job.

It can be be Polished

Unlike many materials, due to its strength, porcelain can be glazed or polished. The result of polishing is stunningly beautiful. There’s a reason some artists use porcelain in their masterpieces.

This is an excellent choice for providing the best floors in your home or office. It is better than ceramic and offers more creative designs. Whether it is glazed or polished, this material is a great investment. The options are unlimited.

In your home you want guests and visitors to be impressed with the environment. In your business the same holds true, maybe even more so. Let your friends, guests, and associates feel first class under their feet.