Product Feature: Grey Hand Scraped Hardwood

Grey Hand Scraped Hardwood

Grey has become a new favorite in recent years.

Gone are the days of beige and brown neutral tones dominating floors and walls in homes everywhere. Grey has become a new favorite in recent years. Not only are more people choosing gray tones for carpet, tile, and walls, it is rapidly becoming a top choice for hardwood flooring as well. It comes in a vast variety from light neutral tones to deep smoky gray. It’s about time we see a change in terms of color scheme.

Grey may seem like a bland choice, but it can brighten any room with the right combination of décor. Grey has quickly become the new neutral tone of choice because it coordinates well with a variety of color palettes and adds a unique dynamic to a room’s ambiance. Grey hand scraped hardwood sets itself apart from typical wood tones by highlighting the grain and texture of the wood, making it an interesting focal point of any room.

When it comes to making the choice between conventional brown and beige wood tones, many homeowners are requesting that traditional oak floors be sanded and refinished in grey. Not only is it a great choice for breaking away from the norm, but it also sets a unique tone to your décor scheme. So, set your home apart from your neighbors and consider this modern twist on hardwood.