Recycled Material Floor Rugs

recycled rugs

Crafted to promote protecting the earth’s precious resources, our selection of recycled material floor rugs represents a union of style and function. When selecting a floor rug to accessorize the home, both aesthetics and durability must be considered to find a good fit. Our catalogue of recycled material floor rugs includes a variety of color schemes, patterns, design elements, textures, and sizes to ensure that plenty of options are available for any taste. We believe that adapting a “green” lifestyle does not mean that style or quality has to be conceded, and our extensive collection of recycled material rug designs will flatter your home as well as any of their less eco-friendly counterparts.

Our recycled material floor rugs weren’t only designed to complement your home, they’ve also been designed to complement a lifestyle purposed in preserving our planet. We are dedicated to socially and environmentally conscience practices and materials and our recycled material rugs provide a “greener” alternative to home decorating without compromising quality. From recycled cotton to discarded plastics, utilizing recycled materials to construct these rugs reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water use, helping to protect the world we live in while sprucing up your own little corner of it.