Baby Room Floor: Safe and Practical Ideas

Are you thinking about providing a safe and enjoyable baby room floor? Do you have a child? Are you expecting one soon? Now is the time to make a place for a remarkable space for the baby.

Baby Room Floors

Babies are very helpless and dependent on their parents. The flooring in a baby room is very important. At the start the baby will never be on the floor, but as she grows into toddlerhood that will change. A hardwood or laminate floor is easier to keep clean and maintain, but a carpet is a safer place for a little one to fall on.

Consider Safety In Your Baby Room Floor


No good parent needs to be told the importance of cleanliness. It is the prime goal in designing a safe and practical baby room. The nursery ought to be the cleanest room in the house or apartment!


When they start the transition from crawling to walking, we call them “toddlers.”

Whenever a toddler sees a pile of blocks, he wants to tear it down.

J. J. Abrams

This is a good thing because the growing child needs to develop motor skills. Hence the necessity to create a safe and practical baby room.


Many years ago construction workers were exposed to asbestos. It was used in making insulation, curtains and other building materials because it is fireproof. The bad thing about asbestos, however, is that is causes cancer. Five thousand people die each year because of exposure to this material. Obviously this is something you would not want near the baby or on the floor in the nursery. Fortunately, floor coverings no longer contain such deadly materials. But there are other things to consider as well. Think of anything a baby might chew on: the edge of the crib, toys, a throw rug. Every possibility needs to be screened before installation.

Electrical Outlets and Cords

All outlets near the floor ought to have plastic inserts plugged in. Some babies lick things and they all drool. Cords needs to be cordoned off or covered because a baby can chew them.

Consider Comfort in your Baby Room Floor


Little ones like soft surfaces. They love to play on a quilt or blanket. A soft and lush carpet is very desirable.


There are great area carpets made just for babies with colorful design and often include endearing characters from popular shows and movies.

An Excellent Compromise


Hardwood lasts forever and laminates nearly that, but well made carpets also last many years if cared for. Take into consideration the length of time the room will be a nursery. If you have only one child that may only be a few years. Likely, the room will be converted for an older child and possibly for a teenager as the years pass. If your family plans on many children, the room may be a dedicated nursery for a decade or longer. Think about these things when you plan, design, and create a safe and practical baby room!

Area Rugs on a Hard Surface

The combination of throw rugs or area rugs on a more durable hard surface is a good balance that will be safe and enjoyable for the child and parents alike. Creating a safe and practical baby room floor design is a challenge, but it is worth the effort. Enjoy the process because before you realize what hit you, you will be advising the parents of your grandchildren these same concepts.