Selling or Flipping a Home

When you are ready to sell or flip a home, common sense needs to kick in. Pretend you are the potential buyer. You have likely viewed a number of homes in your lifetime. How impressed were you as you pulled onto a property, and the grass looked like a sahara? Or does crabgrass adorn the home? When selling or flipping a home, you need to be prepared.

Then on the inside, how impressed were you if the seller hasn’t even bothered to arrange the clutter on the floor? These things are extremely counter-productive in selling. A beautiful home can lose its appeal by the seller not making the effort to spruce it up for the market. What if the town Mayor was coming for dinner? The Governor? The President? Most people would work very hard to make their home fresh and clean and uncluttered with such a visit.

GMF - Selling or Flipping a Home

The experts say this . . .

Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers . . . HGTV

Hardwood is the Best SELLER When Selling or Flipping a Home

When entering a home with a gorgeous hardwood entry, it impresses all visitors. The natural appeal and golden hue works magic in the eye of the beholder. It mesmerizes like a fine oil painting, except it’s virtually everywhere! People want a home that gives them this feeling every time they walk through the door. Wise investors want that too because they know it will sell better because of the hardwood effect.

Top 10 Home-Staging Don’ts

  1. Rationalize that a higher asking price means you will have more wiggle room. You could wind up sitting idle on the market with a house full of wiggle room.
  2. Respond to lowball offers with a counter — instead, respond with an invitation to re-submit.
  3. Refer to a leaky foundation as a central humidifier.
  4. Make your house smell like a cherry orchard or a department store perfume counter.
  5. Air your dirty laundry. This includes leaving bills and private papers out, or of course, actual dirty laundry.
  6. Take your prospects on A Complete History of The Kopecki Repairs & Renovations Tour.
  7. “Clean up” by stuffing all the closets.
  8. Leave unfinished DIY jobs for the buyers’ honey-do list.
  9. Defer yard work. Your house only gets one chance to make a first impression. Overgrown shrubs and broken gutters are the real estate equivalent of dandruff.
  10. Think licks from Rex the Bulldog will help generate more offers.        Designed to Sell

Hardwood Adds VALUE When Selling or Flipping a Home

A wise person wants to earn the highest return on the sale of a home. Conventional thinking has always been that the kitchen and bathroom, the living room, and patio offers great return on the dollars spent on upgrading. All of these spaces can vastly increase the selling value with hardwood flooring. You may spend $2,000 on hardwood flooring, but it would increase the sale price by $5,000.  Similarly, repairing or refinishing old hardwood has the same positive result.

As you prepare your home or investment property for sale, take the time to think about these things. You won’t regret it, neither will your healthy bank account.