Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clean, fresh-looking carpets make a great first impression in your home. Therefore, cleaning the carpets in your home can be the quickest way to give it a facelift. However, deciding the best way to clean your carpets often depends on convenience and cost. Some homeowners are also worried about the use of chemicals, especially if there are pets or young children in the home. Below are some of the main differences between two of the most popular carpet cleaning methods: dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Many people consider steam carpet cleaning to be the better method. How could it not be, when you’re using a machine full of hot steam that is meant to deep clean your carpets? However, it’s important to note that the steam alone doesn’t do all the work. Steam clean machines spray shampoo into the carpet which is then activated by the steam and water. The steam cleaner then sucks the water and shampoo out of the carpet. Steam cleaning leaves behind very little residue, but it will leave your carpets wet. Most professionals recommend staying off your carpet for 12 to 24 hours to allow it to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In contrast, dry carpet cleaning allows you to use your carpets almost immediately afterward. However, a slight bit of water is used in this method. Dry cleaners are sprinkled on the carpet. These cleaners break down the set-in stains and dirt in the carpet. Dry carpet cleaners can be harsh. They are often used in commercial and retail settings due to the quick drying time.

Pros & Cons

In general, dry carpet cleaners are considered harsher than steam cleaners, so if you have small children or pets in your home, you might want to doublecheck that the dry carpet cleaners are not toxic. Steam carpet cleaners are often available in odor-free, dye-free versions, which also makes it a better choice for allergy sufferers. In addition to having to wait up to 24 hours after a steam clean to walk on your carpets again, steam cleaning can also require multiple treatments on particularly difficult stains.

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Keeping Clean And Going Green

Keeping Clean And Going Green

Keeping your floors clean is a point of pride for many homeowners. It can also be a huge challenge. Different flooring types respond better to different cleaning techniques. Plus, environmental concerns have highlighted how harmful some cleaners can be; and with children and pets, finding safer, green cleaning alternatives is important. So, what are the best ways to keep your floors clean? Below are some tips and tricks to keep your floors shiny and in good condition.

Keeping Clean And Going Green

Shoes are Filthy

It may be obvious that your shoes, while stylish, are one of the main culprits for tracking dirt and mud into your home. So, you may want to invest in some low shelving or baskets, place them near doorways, and encourage your family and visitors alike to remove their shoes before coming inside. Aside from possibly grinding dirt or mud into your carpet, high-heeled shoes can also leave divots in hardwood floors and linoleum.

Simple is Best

While there are fancy options on the market, sometimes the best way to clean your floors is with the simplest of tools. To keep your carpet clean on a daily basis, use a silent sweeper. It’s easy to push, making it possible for your little ones to help. Also, invest in a dustpan and broom; yes, a plain old dustpan and broom. A dustpan and broom are the easiest way to keep your hardwood and linoleum floors clean.

Cleaning Products From Your Pantry

You don’t need fancy cleaners that often don’t smell very good. Instead, raid your pantry for these common household items for green cleaning options.

  • Vinegar – It cleans and deodorizes, and when diluted in hot water, doesn’t actually smell that bad. Vinegar is great for tile and linoleum.
  • Baking Soda
  • Olive Oil and Lemon Juice – When paired together with hot water they are the perfect combination for cleaning your hardwood floors.
  • Hot Water
  • Essential Oils (for a little bit of fragrance) – Try lemon or citrus scents for your kitchen and lavender or pine scents for the other rooms.

Your floors are one of the biggest investments in your home. Learning how to take care of them, and adopting green cleaning techniques will keep them bright, shiny and clean for years to come. For more information about different types of flooring or to bring our mobile showroom to your doorstep, please contact Go Mobile Flooring today.

Cleaning With Your Pet In Mind, And Cleaning Up Accidents Too!

Cleaning With Your Pet In Mind, And Cleaning Up Accidents Too!

Pets are considered members of the family. And just like little ones – or even adults, let’s be honest – all kinds of accidents happen. Choosing the right flooring can be the difference between easy clean-up or damaged floors. Below are some of the key features of the best flooring for pets. We’ll also examine some things to consider when cleaning up after them, too.Cleaning With Your Pet In Mind, And Cleaning Up Accidents Too!

Skip the Hardwood

It might seem like a no-brainer, but hardwood isn’t the first choice for pet owners. Unlike other flooring types, it scratches easily and can cause permanent damage, including warping. You’ll also want to avoid carpet, for obvious reasons. And laminate isn’t always the best choice either. It can be slippery which could lead to injury, especially among dogs that might have hip issues. And it can warp, similarly to hardwood. If you’re determined to get hardwood, choose engineered hardwood with a high Janka rating.

Go With Durable Surfaces

The most durable flooring you can get for pets is stone or tile. Stone and tile flooring is water and stain resistant and relatively easy to clean. These flooring types are also resistant to scratches. One of the only drawbacks is that tile can get cold. While cats seem to have an easier time finding a warm, cozy spot to lay, dogs might need a dog bed or area rug nearby to avoid the chill, especially during the winter.

Use Cork, Vinyl, or Bamboo for a Warmer Look & Feel

If you like the look of wood flooring and don’t really want to go with tile, you have options. Cork, luxury vinyl, and bamboo are some of best flooring for pets. Each of these floor types resists staining and is easy to wipe clean.

Keeping it Clean

As with any cleaning, it’s most effective when it happens on a regular schedule. To maximize your flooring and avoid major pet accidents, vacuum and mop often. You’ll also want to be sure you clean up messes as soon as you see them. Adding mats under water and food bowls also minimizes the damage from spills.

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