Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Chances are you’re not going to use the same type of flooring throughout your house. Even with an open floor plan, different rooms call for different aesthetics. And, some flooring types are not necessarily the best for all uses. Carpet in the kitchen probably isn’t the smartest idea. So, what’s the best way to transition from one flooring type to another? Below are a few ways to achieve a clean and unified look through your flooring transition.

Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Look for Obvious Start-Stop Points

There are often natural transition points throughout your house. An entryway or hallway offers a clean stop and start point for a flooring transition. So do the architectural lines of your house. Line up different flooring types with the edge of a wall or elevation changes. If your living room or kitchen has a step or two in between, this creates a natural start and stop point.

Make Transitions Part of the Design

With such beautiful and cost-effective flooring options available today, it’s easy to use different flooring types as part of your design. Even a darker or lighter shade of the same flooring or a different type of grain can be used as a purposeful design choice. Consider lining hallways with a different flooring type to create a unique look; or outline your entryway with tile that might hold up better under frequent foot traffic.

Use Transitions to Define Your Space

In a truly open floor plan, the above options may not be available. In that case, take the opportunity to use your flooring transitions to define your space. If your living room and dining room flow into each other, where would a natural stop and start point be? What about your kitchen or entryway? If you are not working with a contractor or interior designer, considering sketching out your options first, by looking at your floor plan as a series of geometric areas.

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3 Things to Consider When Selecting New Floors

3 Things to Consider When Selecting New Floors

Few aspects of your home will make more of an impression than your floors. Often, it’s the first thing people see when entering a home. The right type of flooring can easily set the tone of an interior space. Wood flooring often infuses a room with warmth, while carpet color can make an impression, and tile can be selected to fulfill a design aesthetic. Consider some of the points below when selecting new floors for your home.

3 Things to Consider When Selecting New Floors


Flooring is the one aspect of your home that will receive the most use. Especially in high foot traffic areas, like entryways, mudrooms, stairs and hallways, you want to be sure you use durable materials. Tile, carpet tiles and wood are all good options for more durable choices. Cork and bamboo are newer choices known for their durability and are also considered sustainable and eco-friendly.


Obviously, different types of flooring are available at different price points. Your choice of floor materials, when in the midst of home building or redecorating, will probably depend more on cost than any other factor. Unless of course, you have a bottomless piggy bank. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a more expensive floor type, especially if it will have less traffic, increasing the chances of it lasting longer. Selecting new floors is fun and cost efficient.

Flooring Design

Whether you’re looking for a bold color, a bold design or the ability to change either one, there is a type of flooring that fits your design aesthetic. However, it’s important to remember that flooring is fairly permanent. You want to be sure it’s something you can live with for at least a decade. You might find the novelty of a bright color wears off quickly. So think long-term.

Flooring is a huge investment whether its part of a remodel or a new home build. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples so that you can try out the look of hardwood, carpet or tile before making a final decision.

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