flooring trends 2016

3 New Flooring Trends in 2016

Radio stations this time of year are playing the greatest hits from the past year. 2016 is upon us and instead of looking back we want to help you look forward to what is to come in flooring trends. Some flooring trends are timeless others are very modern, while others seem to be put a new spin an a traditional technique. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any flooring trends you see below.

flooring trends 2016

Here are three flooring trends for 2016 we will be looking at:

  • Creative Flooring Combo Trends
  • Modern Angle Flooring Design Trends
  • Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

Creative Combo Flooring Trends

The first image in the gallery below is a simple combo with concrete and wood. This organic look is simple yet still honors sustainable design. This combination is perfect for any style home but works best in a modern space.

Aparici double fired tiles and bathroom

Aparici moving tiles double fired show style and elegance. They are not for the faint of heart or those not willing to take a risk. The tiles are busy, but mixing them properly can be a talking piece for guests when entertaining. Bathrooms cannot benefit from mixed material as well as mixed color and seamless transitions. Aparici Waterford Castle Hotel bathroom is a fabulous example using black and white tiles on trend for 2016.

41zero42 adding character to a space

This Italian design combines two materials to exude style. Pay attention to the unique use of mixing piece colors. This is a great approach to helping add character to a large space.

Creative flooring combo gallery

Modern Angle Flooring Trends

Parquet floors have been making strides over the last decade. 2016 will bring floors composed of short trips, unique patterns, and inlays of diverse woods and materials to the forefront.

Tex Hex tiles in porcelain in matte and mixed-finish black and cream by Artistic Tile. These are great for smaller space as they will give an appearance of a larger space. Take note to lay them out in a diverse and random order for a truly unique look. Also, symmetrical large tile pieces can be angled to add a unique style to an otherwise boring space.

Perfect tile trends for 2016

Ceramica Sant’Agostino porcelain tiles can have a grain texture that can portray carpet while still having the durability of tile. To conclude our look at modern angle flooring trends we look at the featured image. is an artist that has decided to bless us with angular design fit for 2016. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any tile flooring trends.

Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

The last, but certainly not least, flooring trends we will look at today is about the richest most elegant of styles. There are two stunning examples of luxury flooring and precious stone work that we’d like to share with you. Remember that Go Mobile Flooring has many options. We can always find alternatives to meet your budget, but gold has innate value, so keep this in mind as you explore trends below.

Sicis, the world is a mosaic

Sicis is more than just flooring. They are a design brand that has products ranging from doors to jewelry and watches to furniture… and everything in between. They are trailblazers of the mosaic and have built a company and a brand around that style. The images below show the Sicis gold collection. This consists of mosaic for walling decor to compliment tile flooring.

Lapicida the stone specialist

Lapicida is from English origin and in its origin is acclaimed stone cutter. They cut, prepare and maintain the finest stones in all of Europe. Lapicida has served royalty and are a brand of elegance and bravado. We have listed a video below to show more about this amazing company and brand.

Luxury and stone flooring gallery

Lapicida has beautiful work that can be seen here (feel free to rewind or watch the entire video if you are interested in the history of these fine craftsmen):

Best installers for modern floors in 2016

Go Mobile Flooring (AKA would love to help you with your project. We have stunning tile, hardwood, laminate and many more options to make your home on trend for 2016 and many years to come. Remember that upgrading your floors is the best way to increase home value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Flooring Series: Pet-Friendly Laminate


beautiful pet friendly laminate

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, there are many factors to consider, but few are more important than how it will interact with your pets. Whether making mischief or innocent accidents, your pets can take a serious toll on your floors. So before you decide on checking out that hardwood, here are a few reasons to consider pet-friendly laminate flooring instead.

Strong without breaking the bank

The top reason to go with laminate of course is its affordability. Laminate flooring is strong and naturally resistant to wear and tear and highly durable, all while being very reasonably priced.

I is it wood?

Made you look! Laminate flooring also gives you that classic look of hardwood, but gives your pets the freedom to run around and be themselves while you get some peace of mind. Laminate has a tough protective finish layer, which means less worrying about scratches, dents and potty training mishaps. You can even treat your laminate flooring for extra water resistance to keep moisture out and protect your floors from those occasional accidents and spills. In the event something does go wrong, laminate flooring is much easier to install or repair than real wood and other flooring materials.

Take your time

Consider your options carefully. When picking laminate material, keep in mind that laminate flooring can be slippery and this can spell some trouble for your pets, especially dogs. Stick with laminate flooring that comes with a textured or embossed finish. This will give your furry friends some added traction and protect them from injury.

If you’re updating your floors or looking to make renovations, keeping your pets in mind will pay off in the long run. Be sure to talk to your local flooring experts for tips on proper maintenance and ways you can make your laminate flooring best work for you and your pets.

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Hardwood Flooring or Laminate Flooring?


While these two flooring options offer the same look, there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing between the two.

Homeowners love the look and feel hardwood gives to their home. Hardwood can warm any room and add value to your home, but laminate flooring is competing with hardwood more than ever. In recent years, laminate floor manufacturers have produced laminate floors that mimic the look of hardwood for a fraction of the price.

So which is better? Hardwood flooring or laminate flooring? While these two flooring options offer the same look, there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing between the two.


Due to the variety of hardwood floors available, from the type of wood—maple, bamboo, or engineered wood, for example—to the finish, stain, and special effects like distressing, hardwood flooring comes in a range of pricing options. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is generally made of plastic and is thought of as a picture printed onto fiberboards. For this reason, laminate floor can imitate almost any hardwood floor, and its material is more budget-friendly. This is not to say laminate cannot be expensive. In fact, laminate also comes in a range of prices from inexpensive to high-end laminate. In general, however, laminate tends to be much more cost effective. The downside? Laminate does not add value to your home like hardwood does.


Laminate floors are durable and soft so they do not warp and crack when the floor comes into repeated contact with moisture like hardwood does. Laminate floors also fair better in humid environments. Laminate floors, unlike hardwood, are resilient to stains and their finish does not require polishing or treatment. They also make clean up a breeze and do not have cracks where dirt and crumbs can escape into.

Feel and Appearance.

Hardwood is often preferred to laminate because hardwood is known to not only deaden sounds like foot steps and echoes, but hardwood is known to feel warmer than other flooring options. Hardwood is also designed to have many layout options, including diagonal, straight lines, and artistic styles. Laminate, on the other hand, is not as versatile, and because it is essentially pictures printed onto a tile, laminate repeats itself rather than varying strip to strip.


Laminate floors can be an easy DIY project if you are up to the task and require little work to prepare the subfloor, while hardwoods may require a professional. Hardwood flooring can be nailed or glued, but may require a special subfloor depending on the moisture levels of the subfloor. This moisture factor also affects where hardwood can be installed. Laminate floors are much more versatile and can be installed in many areas of your home where hardwood may not hold up so well.

So how do you decide between the two? The option is really up to you. Consider the amount of maintenance and longevity you’d like to get out of your floor, as well as the area you will install the flooring. If you are still on the fence, take a look at both options. Either way, you’ll be sure to find flooring that fits your home.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.