recycled rubber

Green Flooring Series: Recycled Rubber

recycled rubber

Recycled rubber flooring is durable, strong, easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the boring wood or carpet floors that is also better for the planet, check out a recycled rubber floor. With the option to be used for an interior or exterior room, this material is definitely worth a look.

Recycled rubber flooring is durable, strong, easy to maintain, comfortable to stand on, and it is also safe to fall on. The majority of rubber floors are made from recycled rubber from automobile tires, which are melted down and then reformed into shapes. This process allows the rubber to become stronger and more durable than its original state.

Recycled rubber flooring is resistant to stains and keeping it clean is as simple as running the vacuum, broom, or wet mop over the surface. Although the material is durable and can resist most staining fiends, the floor could be damaged from grease spills, and type of oil, acidic substances, acetone based cleansers, and anything that contain turpentine. Just be aware of what you are cleaning with and be extra careful if you are handling one of these staining agents while on your recycled rubber floor.

During the manufacturing process, the recycled rubber can be fixed into a mold to allow it to take on a different texture. These textures, which include dimples, rivets, studs, and waffles, can help improve the traction of the floor as well as add an extra dimensional touch.

When you think of rubber you may think of the boring black color that is most associated with the material. Since recycled rubber flooring is becoming more popular, manufacturers are creating more colors and patterns that are much better suited for the home. Some vendors even offer faux stone and tile options, so be on the lookout for those!

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recycled carpet

Green Flooring Series: Recycled Carpet

recycled carpet

Recycled carpet is a budget friendly option.

You don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money keeping your floors both attractive and environmentally responsible. Sustainable floors such as bamboo and cork are popular but also expensive. If you like the comfort and appeal of carpet, but you worry about what it does to the earth, you now have the option to purchase recycled carpet. Carpet fibers are constructed from plastics and hydrocarbons, which are easily broken down and reused.

Carpet that has been ripped up from homes and commercial businesses once had only one destination: the landfill. That is not always the case anymore. Companies are doing what they can to reduce the amount of waste created by carpet, and it’s being recycled into new carpet or used for other products such as plastic car parts. It’s better for the earth and it’s also better for companies and consumers.

When old carpet is recycled into new carpet, a number of benefits are present. First, there is no need to get new materials because the manufacturer isn’t starting from scratch. The original materials are present and able to be used again. They are creating more carpet, but they aren’t using what they don’t need. Instead, they are putting the old materials to work. All of the fibers and hydrocarbons in that old carpet are being used again, instead of going to waste and taking up space in a dump somewhere.

Consumers can feel good about carpeting their homes and workplaces with recycled carpet. It will not bust any budget, and it’s socially responsible. It also looks good. You’ll never know you’re getting anything other than brand new carpet on your floors.

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