Top Tips for Tile Maintenance

Top Tips for Tile Maintenance

Tile is one of the most versatile floor coverings you can choose for your home. The variety of colors and patterns, different options when laying and cutting the tile, and choosing a coordinating grout color, all make it easy to use tile as a true design element. However, one key to long-lasting tile is tile maintenance. While it’s not difficult to keep your tile neat and clean, there are a few tips you should always keep in mind so you’ll be able to enjoy your flooring for years to come.

Top Tips for Tile Maintenance

Top DO’s for Tile Maintenance

  1. Do use hot water with a mild detergent. Hot water prevents residue from forming on your tile, while a mild detergent will help to reduce the risk of a cloudy or dull finish.
  2. Do address spills quickly. Depending on the spill, it’s possible that simply wiping down your tile will address the issue. However, in the case of liquids or materials that could stain your tile floor, it’s a good idea to tackle those spills fast, using detergent and a warm cloth to wipe down the tile. Fast action on clean-up can also help to avoid grout stains.
  3. Do use more powerful cleaners when necessary. To maintain your tile floor, it might be necessary to employ a powerful cleaner, especially in high traffic areas. To avoid damage to your flooring, make sure the cleaner is expressly formulated for tile.

Top DO NOT’s for Tile Maintenance

  1. Do not use acidic or ammonia-based cleaners. These harsh chemicals have a better chance of not only damaging your tile, but discoloring the grout. That can create a very unseemly sight.
  2. Do not use abrasive brushes or scrubbers. Your tile is fairly durable, but these abrasive cleaning products can easily scratch the surface of your floor and leave behind a dull finish.
  3. Do not use acid or vinegar to clean your floor. These everyday household chemicals might be convenient, but they are not meant for tile maintenance. Harsh cleaners can easily discolor or erode grout; they also tend to leave a film on your floor’s surface. This can make everything dull and even encourage mold growth.

For more tips and tricks on tile maintenance, visit Go Mobile Flooring today. As your mobile flooring showroom serving the Tampa Bay area, we can provide expert advice on how best to manage your flooring investment.

Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

Tracking modern trends is similar to political polling – it depends who you ask! Our country just learned that on a massive scale. However, when looking at flooring trends in a scientific and broad manner, certain major concerns repeatedly emerge. We’ve identified three areas that are nearly universal for people researching flooring for homes or offices.

Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

ANTIQUITY in Flooring Trends

The current trend in solid hardwood flooring is for products that have an antique or old world charm. Wider planks, hand-scraped finishes, and stressed wood designs are appearing with more regularity.
Home Flooring Pros

Don’t think of “old” when you see the word “antiquity.” Think of “enduring value and quality.” Diametrically opposed to dated looks and designs, antiquity always has a strong appeal. The worst thing a visitor could say when they walk into your home and see the floor is, “How 80’s!”

TECHNOLOGY in Flooring Trends

There is so much going on in the flooring industry right now but if you ask me, tile is where it’s at. There are tons of modern, stylish tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way. Solid, durable tile flooring has always been a staple in American homes, but it is coming back stronger than ever. Due to advancing technologies, tile can now mimic not only the look of natural stone but hardwood, fabrics, and more.
Flooring, Inc.

What in world does technology have to do with flooring? EVERYTHING. Because of modern technological advances, composite materials can be created that are so close in appearance and durability to real wood that most people cannot tell the difference, even up close! Any color, pattern, or texture you can think of has been produced in a tile or laminate format, even that “old world charm” if you prefer.

ENVIRONMENT of Flooring Trends

I anticipate an increase in the demand for affordable, local, sustainable flooring products. Local wood reclamation, whether that wood is being salvaged from old barns or rescued from underneath old and outdated carpeting, is going to be popular across the country. I also imagine we will see an increase in popularity of lighter wood flooring, even softer wood like pine and cork, and lighter stains on wood flooring, as lighter color floors pair well with trendy bright and bold paint and wallpaper colors.
Cindy Weinstock / The Flooring Lady

There’s a special feeling that comes from taking something old and using it in something new. It is good for nostalgia and for the carbon footprint. Re-using something means it doesn’t need to be created from new resources. It represents a healthy view of preserving and conserving the earth we are blessed to share. Maybe you aren’t the type who gets excited about telling your friends that your floor was once a 19th century cabin built by pioneers, but you probably are happy about saving the planet.

GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types

If you surveyed 100 people about their artistic views, you would get 100 different responses. It’s the same thing with tastes about flooring types. Some like the appeal and class of hardwood, some like the warmth and comfort of carpeting and when it comes to color, texture, sheen, durability, and costs, it would be nearly impossible to arrive at a consensus. That is why combining flooring types is a valid consideration.

Personal taste and a home’s design ultimately guide the decor’s direction. When you want to mix flooring types, however, you will need to think about continuity and flow. By chopping up the flow of a space haphazardly with different flooring materials, you will make it appear disjointed or broken up. A home should flow effortlessly without being too bland or too mismatched. So, go ahead. Use a mix of wood, tile and carpet. Just do it in a way that makes practical and decorative sense.
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Here are a few examples of combinations that are commonly used:

Combining Flooring Types: HARDWOOD AND CARPET

The natural beauty of hardwood is amazing, but it lacks the warmth and coziness of carpeting. By sectioning off a special area for carpeting, this can produce the best of both worlds. If the colors and patterns work together, the result will be dramatic.

Combining Flooring Types: CARPET AND TILE

Similarly, tile and carpet can achieve the same thing. Metal strips are available to make the transition from one to the other seamless. Tile is flexible and is great in kitchen areas where spills are likely. In a home with a great room, there may be no clear barrier between the kitchen area and the living room area. Going from tile to carpeting can be the perfect way to maintain the openness while at the same time providing a different feel in each area.

GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types: TILE AND HARDWOOD

There is no reason to rule out combinations that do not include carpeting. Hardwood and tile can work well together as well. Remember to consider texture, color, patterns, and sheen when mixing tile and hardwood. If the colors are close, it may turn out like a mismatch.  If they are too contrasting, it may seem gaudy or unattractive.
So in summary, let’s keep all options open. There are wonderful and affordable choices available. Go Mobile Flooring can bring our mobile showroom to you so you can see a plethora of possibilities. If you have an eye for design, the challenge of combining floor types ought to be a great opportunity to use your skills. If you don’t have that ability, no problem, we can give you expert advice.
Cleaning Your New Floors

Floor Maintenance Essentials in Florida

Certain climate issues affect Floor Maintenance in Florida. Humidity, moisture, heat, and sand are a few things that make it a challenge.

Floor Maintenance - cleaning

Floor Maintenance: CLEANING

It is very important to keep your floors clean. Regardless of the type of floor, keeping it clean ought to be a regular activity. The time invested is well worth the reward of beautiful floors.


Modern technology has made it easy and fun to vacuum your floors. The iRobot is affordable and makes vacuuming nearly effortless.

(For more information go to:


  • Liquid

(For more information go to:

  • Dry or wet

(For more information go to:

Floor Maintenance: REPAIRS

Oh no! We damaged our floors!

Think when you bought your first car. It was perfect. Shines bright in the sun. Looks great under the stars at night. Then you got your first ding. Or your first scratch from someone in the grocery store parking lot that didn’t care about letting their cart roll free. This can be agonizing. However, when it comes to your floors, you have two good options:

Contact your installer

There might be a way where they will fix or replace the floor section at no cost. Again depends on your warranty and your agreement. This is great for any floor type.

Do It Yourself

If you have hardwood floors, and it is a small nick you can pickup a Minwax marker and cover up a blemish. The Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Markers are ideal for that small scratch on floors or furniture.


Bissell carpet cleaner makes cleaning up spills and stains relatively simple, either by hand or with a Bissell carpet cleaner. (For more information go to:

Floor Maintenance: USAGE

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care.  – Benjamin Franklin

This is common sense. If you want to continue having beautiful and functional floors, you need to be thoughtful about what you allow to happen on them. Allowing the kids to roller blade on hardwood floors in the living room would not be wise. Moving furniture without smooth footing would also be a mistake.

These are choices the responsible home owner needs to make. If you regularly control the manner in which your flooring is used and faithfully maintain it, you likely will never have to think about repairing it. Then you can enjoy your beautiful flooring without stress or worry.

flooring trends 2016

3 New Flooring Trends in 2016

Radio stations this time of year are playing the greatest hits from the past year. 2016 is upon us and instead of looking back we want to help you look forward to what is to come in flooring trends. Some flooring trends are timeless others are very modern, while others seem to be put a new spin an a traditional technique. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any flooring trends you see below.

flooring trends 2016

Here are three flooring trends for 2016 we will be looking at:

  • Creative Flooring Combo Trends
  • Modern Angle Flooring Design Trends
  • Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

Creative Combo Flooring Trends

The first image in the gallery below is a simple combo with concrete and wood. This organic look is simple yet still honors sustainable design. This combination is perfect for any style home but works best in a modern space.

Aparici double fired tiles and bathroom

Aparici moving tiles double fired show style and elegance. They are not for the faint of heart or those not willing to take a risk. The tiles are busy, but mixing them properly can be a talking piece for guests when entertaining. Bathrooms cannot benefit from mixed material as well as mixed color and seamless transitions. Aparici Waterford Castle Hotel bathroom is a fabulous example using black and white tiles on trend for 2016.

41zero42 adding character to a space

This Italian design combines two materials to exude style. Pay attention to the unique use of mixing piece colors. This is a great approach to helping add character to a large space.

Creative flooring combo gallery

Modern Angle Flooring Trends

Parquet floors have been making strides over the last decade. 2016 will bring floors composed of short trips, unique patterns, and inlays of diverse woods and materials to the forefront.

Tex Hex tiles in porcelain in matte and mixed-finish black and cream by Artistic Tile. These are great for smaller space as they will give an appearance of a larger space. Take note to lay them out in a diverse and random order for a truly unique look. Also, symmetrical large tile pieces can be angled to add a unique style to an otherwise boring space.

Perfect tile trends for 2016

Ceramica Sant’Agostino porcelain tiles can have a grain texture that can portray carpet while still having the durability of tile. To conclude our look at modern angle flooring trends we look at the featured image. is an artist that has decided to bless us with angular design fit for 2016. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any tile flooring trends.

Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

The last, but certainly not least, flooring trends we will look at today is about the richest most elegant of styles. There are two stunning examples of luxury flooring and precious stone work that we’d like to share with you. Remember that Go Mobile Flooring has many options. We can always find alternatives to meet your budget, but gold has innate value, so keep this in mind as you explore trends below.

Sicis, the world is a mosaic

Sicis is more than just flooring. They are a design brand that has products ranging from doors to jewelry and watches to furniture… and everything in between. They are trailblazers of the mosaic and have built a company and a brand around that style. The images below show the Sicis gold collection. This consists of mosaic for walling decor to compliment tile flooring.

Lapicida the stone specialist

Lapicida is from English origin and in its origin is acclaimed stone cutter. They cut, prepare and maintain the finest stones in all of Europe. Lapicida has served royalty and are a brand of elegance and bravado. We have listed a video below to show more about this amazing company and brand.

Luxury and stone flooring gallery

Lapicida has beautiful work that can be seen here (feel free to rewind or watch the entire video if you are interested in the history of these fine craftsmen):

Best installers for modern floors in 2016

Go Mobile Flooring (AKA would love to help you with your project. We have stunning tile, hardwood, laminate and many more options to make your home on trend for 2016 and many years to come. Remember that upgrading your floors is the best way to increase home value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation.


Entryway flooring design

Entryway Flooring Design: 3 Amazing Options

The first impression is the most enduring one. So as you begin planning your home, remember the entryway. This article will explore entryway flooring design and how to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Start with the type of flooring that is best for your Entryway Flooring Design.

When considering entryway flooring design, there are beautiful options. Keep in mind that entryways have a high traffic volume. It is wise to create this special location with durable materials.


Everybody loves hardwood floors. Businesses and boutiques make sure they have hardwood entryway flooring. They know it will be noticed by their prime clients and customers. In the home it may be even more noticeable because it makes a statement.


Easier on the budget and often indistinguishable from real hardwood, laminates offer another great choice. The finishes on laminates are extremely durable and resistant to scratching and fading. It is less slippery and is a good choice for high-traffic areas.

Ceramic Tile

When guests enter your home, they will be impressed by ceramic tile. It holds up well in extremely high-traffic and there are many designs to choose from. Ceramic is colder, harder, and more slippery, but it is hard to beat its natural beauty.

Entryway Flooring Design Increases the Resale Value of Your Home.

There are other options that can be explored such as natural stone, densely packed nylon carpet, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). These three are the most popular for a wide range of homes and at every cost level.

The importance of entryway flooring design cannot be stressed enough. Many consider this aspect of the over-all home design to be the most critical for value and resale strength.

Most buyers know they are going to buy it when they see the foyer of a home. (Kay Barchetti, Coldwell Banker, Western PA, Beautiful Floors YouTube)

The expert quoted points out that her comment applied to homes in the 300K and up, but it validates the importance of entryway flooring design in any home.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to make these choices at the beginning stages of  your entryway flooring design, enjoy! It will give you the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice to improve the beauty, functionality, and value of your home.

Call us today for a free consultation.

South Tampa Flooring

Buyers Guide: Stone Tile

South Tampa Flooring

The flooring in your home is the literal and metaphorical foundation on which to base the rest of your décor.

When it comes to making your house into a home that reflects your style and personality, one of the most important aspects to consider is the floor. The flooring in your home is the literal and metaphorical foundation on which to base the rest of your décor. When you are first deciding on what flooring materials to consider, it can be very challenging. Between carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl, it can be hard to pick a material that has the perfect combination of color, texture, durability, and cost.

However, one of the most popular flooring options is recent years has been stone tile. While the upfront investment can be significant, it will also last forever. It’s rock. It’s been around for thousands of years and will likely be around for thousands more. Stone will never have to be refinished and only requires minimal cleaning and maintenance to remain beautiful.

Additionally, stone tile comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Also, the tiles can be arranged in any pattern. You could go for a sleek, minimalist look with no grout and consistent color, or you could go for a complex mosaic pattern with many colors and textures. No matter your personal style, there is a stone tile set out there that will compliment it perfectly.

Stone tile is also naturally moisture-resistant, in addition to being durable. This makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and homes with pets or small children. Keep in mind that durability also means that it is very hard, so it might be fatiguing to stand on for long periods. If you use stone tile in the kitchen, you may also need pads to stand on if you cook frequently.

In all, stone tile offers a variety of great options to complement your home. To see our selection of stone tiles, call to make an appointment with our mobile showroom today!

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.