How Can Your Floors Maintain Good Quality Throughout Rainy Weather Climate?

Ways to Maintain Flooring Quality Throughout Rainy Weather Climate

Hurricane season is here again, and that means wind and rain and all the trouble that comes with it. Even without a storm, summer rain showers in Florida are so regular you can set your watch by them. This type of moisture can wreak havoc on floors of all types. Plus, kids and pets can track mud and debris inside, causing long-lasting stains that may be hard to get rid of. Below are some of the best ways to maintain flooring quality even during the rainiest weather.

How Can Your Floors Maintain Good Quality Throughout Rainy Weather Climate?

Designate An Indoor Area

Having a mudroom or small vestibule inside your entryways is one of the best ways to maintain flooring quality; essentially, keeping this dirt, mud, and moisture contained in one area. You can also limit the number of entries into your home; when the kids are playing outside and it’s rainy, have them come back inside through a single entry. The same for pets. Once again, this keeps the extra water and mud from being tracked across your floors.

Designate An Outdoor Area

Installing an outdoor awning will make it easier for guests and kids to remove their shoes and keep the water outside. Also, having a gutter near your doorway will help to siphon water away from your welcome mat. It’s important to keep gutters clear though so that they work properly.

Prep for Wet Weather with Household Supplies

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. Keep towels by doorways to wipe down pet paws and pat down wet clothes in the case of a storm. Outdoor mats to wipe off shoes and interior rugs will further keep mud and water at bay.

Install Waterproof Flooring

The best way to prevent warping and cracking of your flooring is to use a waterproof material such as laminate flooring. For wetter climates like Florida, this solution might be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to maintain flooring quality. Laminate flooring ranges in cost from fairly cheap to expensive, so it’s best to examine all options in determining the best choice for your home. Go Mobile Flooring is happy to bring our mobile showroom to you, so you can easily evaluate the best laminate flooring for your needs.

For more information about waterproof laminate flooring please contact Go Mobile Flooring today. Our mobile showroom serves the Tampa Bay area including Pinellas and Pasco counties, Brandon, Land O’ Lakes, South Tampa, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Clearwater.

Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl

Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl

Flooring sets the tone for any room. From warm and inviting to sleek and cool, your flooring choices have a lot to say about your design personality. At Go Mobile Flooring, we aim to provide customers with access to the latest and greatest flooring options. Through our wide selection of flooring types, we’re confident you’ll find a style that perfectly fits your home. Today, we’d like to highlight Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl.

Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl

What is Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxe Plank is a type of luxury vinyl plank flooring that has the look and feel of stone or wood. However, unlike natural materials, vinyl flooring is highly durable, impervious to water, and can maintain its look even under heavy traffic.

How Does it Look?

One of the great things about luxury vinyl plank flooring is its range. Gone are the days of your mother’s vinyl flooring. Instead, flooring can take on the appearance of wood grain or natural stone to provide a more sophisticated look and feel to any room. You’d be amazed at how truly natural it appears.

What are its Greatest Advantages?

There are many advantages to using luxury vinyl plank flooring in place of traditional hardwood or stone. Below are a just a handful of these benefits:

  • Durable – Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl is durable and meant to last even under heavy foot traffic. In fact, most luxury vinyl floors come with a long residential warranty.
  • Waterproof – Because vinyl flooring is waterproof, it’s the perfect option for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Luxury vinyl plank flooring will not warp or lose its integrity when exposed to water.
  • Easy-to-Install – Most luxury vinyl flooring is backed with FasTak, a repositionable adhesive that makes installation a breeze. You can also choose Rigid Core Technology which uses angled-locking planks to keep the floor safe and secure. Both methods offer the same durability and high quality.

Find Out More

For more information about luxury vinyl plank flooring, including Luxe Plank Luxury Vinyl, please contact us at Go Mobile Flooring today. Our team of flooring experts is happy to bring our mobile showroom to your doorstep, so you can see these flooring options from the comfort of your home.