The Speed of Installing Laminate Flooring

What’s the hurry? Why is it important to have our floors done quickly? Well, usually the obvious answer is the right one, and in this case it’s “TIME IS MONEY.” Installing laminate flooring saves time. Companies and professional installers do have to pay their specialists and the longer it takes, the more it will cost. That does not in any way suggest corners are being cut or the work is done in a careless manner. It’s just that certain installation processes require less time and effort. Laminate rules this kingdom!

GMF The Speed of Installing Laminate Flooring

The Fast Install: Laminate

There are two obvious reasons laminate is a great choice:

Installing Laminate is EASY

There’s a lot to love about laminate floor, and high on that list is the ease of installation. For weekend DIYers looking to trim their decorating budget without sacrificing style and quality, laminate gives you the option to install a beautiful new floor in any room with confidence and success – and fewer costs.


The idea is not that it’s easy because something harder to install will be better. To the contrary – laminate is a quality product that takes advantage of modern science with precision manufacturing and foresight. It takes the trained eye of a professional to distinguish the difference between real hardwood flooring and laminate flooring! And the money you save can go into other things.

Installing Laminate is FAST

The vast majority of today’s laminate floors come with “click-lock” design systems (also sometimes referred to as a Uniclic system). This means that you simply install the laminate boards as a floating floor over a sub-floor and foam underlayment. One edge of the board will have a “groove” into which the other edge that has a “tongue” which clicks and locks into place. Some manufacturers infuse the grooved and tongued edges with dry adhesive that you simply dampen before clicking into place to add an extra level of locking. And because of this click-lock system, laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to remove when it’s time for an update.

Home Flooring Pros

Oftentimes a handy home owner or business owner takes on laminate installation with fear and trepidation, only to realize it’s a done project ahead of schedule! That’s a nice feeling. Who doesn’t like that dictum,


Laminates come in every color, texture, pattern, and feel you can imagine. We can not possibly cover all benefits of having laminate throughout your business or home in one article. Call today and we’ll be happy to send out our mobile showroom or have one of our specialists speak with you.