Water-Based Flooring Adhesives vs. Solvent-Based


Water-based flooring adhesives are popular because they are more environmentally-friendly

Water-based flooring adhesives are popular because they are more environmentally-friendly. They have a low emission, and they are safe to install. There are no chemicals or harmful and toxic products involved in the adhesives that are water-based. While the water-based adhesives are better from a health and ecological standpoint, they have their limitations. Certain types of wood floors and subflooring do not react well to these water-based adhesives, and the end result is a failure to create the necessary bond.

Solvent-based flooring is used on all types of wood floors and they are compatible with all subflooring products as well. There are several application options and the adhesives that use solvents are durable and long lasting. The solvents that are included in these products evaporate after the first few weeks of installation, but people who dislike using chemicals of any kind usually prefer to avoid them.

Whichever type of adhesive you choose, make sure you apply it properly and pay attention to the spread rate. Prepare the floors correctly and follow all instructions on your water-based or solvent-based flooring adhesive.

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