Summer Cleaning Hacks to Beat the Mess of a Busy Home

Summer Cleaning Hacks to Beat the Mess of a Busy Home

After a long and busy day, coming home to ruckus and disaster is the final straw. It’s not surprising that a cleaner home reduces the amount of stress and allergies in your home. At Go Mobile Flooring, we understand that you want to keep your high-quality flooring and cabinets clean. And although cleaning may be the last thing on your mind during the summer, it always pays off in the end. As students make their way back to school, there will be more opportunities for household maintenance. Below are some of our expert tips on how to keep your home nice and tidy throughout the summer.

Set a Cleaning Plan

If you’re already battling a busy schedule, it helps to put together a list of goals to achieve throughout the week. This includes your cleaning schedule. Organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and it may be difficult to incorporate cleaning into your routine. To start your list:

  • Choose the most flexible days of your week
  • Divide chores into categories
  • Check off as you go

A summer cleaning schedule will keep you on track, especially for those who struggle with organization. Dividing your chores into categories means deciding whether you want to sweep and mop your floors first, or scrub down your countertops.

Cleaning Essentials

Every part of your home deserves equal attention. While the more visible areas such as flooring, countertops, and bathrooms seem more necessary than the rest, it’s important to include smaller spaces where dirt may accumulate.


At the very least, you should regularly sweep your floors to limit dust build-up in your home. Sweeping keeps allergies under control, and even helps to lower stress levels and anger! Take your floors to the next level by mopping directly after. This will further sanitize your flooring, make it look their best, and feel clean to the touch.

  • Hardwood flooring is very delicate and requires careful maintenance. When cleaning your hardwood floors, be sure to use products that are specifically for wood. Water and other harsh chemicals can cause damage to hardwood overtime. Clean spills immediately to prevent excess moisture from penetrating into the wood.
  • Tile is generally easier to maintain than hardwood. Unlike wood, tiles are able to sustain stronger cleaning chemicals and are prone to less damage from moisture depending on the material. Be sure to still wipe spills to prevent future stains. Regularly sweeping and mopping are key to maintaining tile floors.

For other flooring such as carpet, laminate, and vinyl, there are similar maintenance strategies. Vacuuming is yet another great option for homes of all flooring types.

Countertops & Cabinetry

Depending on the material of your countertops, maintenance varies. For example, quartz, granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops are susceptible to stains and etching if not properly maintained. For that reason, it’s recommended to invest in sealants. Regularly wipe down countertops and avoid harsh chemicals on natural surfaces. As for cabinetry, dusting down the interior/exterior and then wiping them down is all it takes to maintain them.


Don’t disregard windows in your summer cleaning routine; they’re the perfect place for dirt, dust, and mildew to accumulate. Failing to clean or wipe off your windows can lead to allergies and build-up of muck. Windows have direct contact with temperature fluctuations, rain, sunlight, and outdoor debris. Scrub down aluminum-framed windows with mild detergent, and wipe off the windows with glass cleaner. This will keep your windows shiny and clean overtime.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Don’t get too caught up in the interior of your home that you forget to maintain the exterior. Gardening and maintaining your yard will go a long way in the physical upkeep and appearance of your house.

Start Your Project

Looking for home renovation? Go Mobile Flooring is prepared to guide you through the entire decision, installation, and maintenance process. Trust our decades of service-driven experience to help you get started on your next home project. Whether you’re looking for flooring, countertops, or cabinetry, we include various color and material options. Our mobile showroom visits homes in the Tampa area and is available to assist you and your family. Contact us today for more information!

Cleaning Laminate Cabinets

Tips & Tricks: Keeping Your Cabinets Clean and Maintained

It’s easy to clean the most visible parts of your home such as flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms. But just as, if not more important, are the hidden spaces that we often times leave out of the cleaning process. It’s very easy for dust and dirt to accumulate, especially in the smaller less visible areas of your home, for example, cabinetry! If you own wood custom cabinets, it’s important to find the best way to keep them clean over time. Lucky for you, wood cabinets are easier to clean than other materials. In conclusion, we’ve put together great tips and tricks to help keep your cabinets clean from the inside out.

Go Mobile Flooring Expert Suggestions

Go Mobile Flooring offers a variety of cabinetry. So, following the installation, our experts recommend a few techniques to maintain the quality of your cabinets.

Make Dusting a Priority

If you’re running on a busy schedule and find little time to thoroughly clean your cabinets, be sure to at least dust them regularly. This will minimize the risk of dirt build-up and allergies in your home. Cabinets hold the dishes and Tupperware we use to eat. For that reason alone, keeping your wood cabinets clean should not be taken lightly. With a dry washcloth, rag or classic duster, wipe off both the interior and exterior parts of your cabinets. By following this simple step, you’ll be happy to know that the dust and dirt accumulation on your dishes will be reduced.

Wipe and Rinse

After dusting away your cabinets, take it to the next level by wiping them down with water. Yes, water! While dusting, you may come across stains and dirt that will need a little more than a soft dusting to remove. Before applying any chemicals to your laminate cabinets, it will help to first wipe them off with water. This will ensure that any leftover debris is out of the way. However, keep in mind that using too much water may stain your cabinets over time. A little will go a long way in this process. So, after wiping, be sure to rinse off your washcloth or rag before going in a second time. Without a simple rinse, you may be taking the dirt you just picked up and spreading it again.

Invest in Chemical Cleaners

Of course, dusting and wiping alone will keep your wood cabinets clean in the meantime. However, if you find that there are still stains left over, consider investing in safe chemical cleaners for your cabinets. There are various products available in your nearby hardware store that will help get the job done. Depending on what aspect of your cleaning you want to accomplish, whether it’s shiny, polished cabinets, or removing tough stains, be sure to purchase chemicals that are safe on the material of your cabinetry.

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