Cleaning Laminate Cabinets

Tips & Tricks: Keeping Your Cabinets Clean and Maintained

It’s easy to clean the most visible parts of your home such as flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms. But just as, if not more important, are the hidden spaces that we often times leave out of the cleaning process. It’s very easy for dust and dirt to accumulate, especially in the smaller less visible areas of your home, for example, cabinetry! If you own wood custom cabinets, it’s important to find the best way to keep them clean over time. Lucky for you, wood cabinets are easier to clean than other materials. In conclusion, we’ve put together great tips and tricks to help keep your cabinets clean from the inside out.

Go Mobile Flooring Expert Suggestions

Go Mobile Flooring offers a variety of cabinetry. So, following the installation, our experts recommend a few techniques to maintain the quality of your cabinets.

Make Dusting a Priority

If you’re running on a busy schedule and find little time to thoroughly clean your cabinets, be sure to at least dust them regularly. This will minimize the risk of dirt build-up and allergies in your home. Cabinets hold the dishes and Tupperware we use to eat. For that reason alone, keeping your wood cabinets clean should not be taken lightly. With a dry washcloth, rag or classic duster, wipe off both the interior and exterior parts of your cabinets. By following this simple step, you’ll be happy to know that the dust and dirt accumulation on your dishes will be reduced.

Wipe and Rinse

After dusting away your cabinets, take it to the next level by wiping them down with water. Yes, water! While dusting, you may come across stains and dirt that will need a little more than a soft dusting to remove. Before applying any chemicals to your laminate cabinets, it will help to first wipe them off with water. This will ensure that any leftover debris is out of the way. However, keep in mind that using too much water may stain your cabinets over time. A little will go a long way in this process. So, after wiping, be sure to rinse off your washcloth or rag before going in a second time. Without a simple rinse, you may be taking the dirt you just picked up and spreading it again.

Invest in Chemical Cleaners

Of course, dusting and wiping alone will keep your wood cabinets clean in the meantime. However, if you find that there are still stains left over, consider investing in safe chemical cleaners for your cabinets. There are various products available in your nearby hardware store that will help get the job done. Depending on what aspect of your cleaning you want to accomplish, whether it’s shiny, polished cabinets, or removing tough stains, be sure to purchase chemicals that are safe on the material of your cabinetry.

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Monthly Manufacturer Spotlight: Designers Choice Cabinetry


Designers Choice Cabinetry, beautiful cabinetry for any home

When you choose Designers Choice Cabinetry, you are not only selecting a customizable storage solution for your home, but you are choosing American-made cabinetry produced in-house, right here in the United States.

At Designers Choice Cabinetry, located in Rockledge, Florida, they understand the need for storage in today’s homes. Whether you wish to redesign your kitchen or unclutter your closet, Designer’s Choice Cabinetry has a solution to meet your goals. With thousands of options to choose from including door designs, material, stains and even hinge location, they help to take the hassle out of kitchen design by offering 3D layouts for our customer’s visualization.

Designers Choice Cabinetry’s production staff of 160+ employees uses computer driven equipment to plane, cut and mould doors, rails, center panels and other cabinetry profiles from select lumber produced in the southeastern and northeastern United States. These wood products, constructed from Maple, Oak or Cherry hardwoods, come in a variety of designs and stains so you have endless options to give your home a unique appeal.

While their wood cabinetry products make up 90% of our Rockledge factory’s volume, Designers Choice Cabinetry also offers 20+ styles of foil and melamine doors to ensure you find the look you want in a budget that fits. These doors are available in a variety of laminate finishes ranging from matte white to woodgrains.

They sell our American-made cabinetry through kitchen cabinet dealers in a 30-state network and employ our own fleet of trucks to ship our fully assembled cabinets to these states including Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Because they take pride in the quality of our work, shipments made outside of these states are shipped using a contracted furniture shipper who exclusively ships cabinets for Designers Choice Cabinetry. They strive for 100% dealer and customer satisfaction and we employ a full team of customer service representatives standing by to take care of all of your needs.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.