Waterfront Home Flooring

Waterfront Home Flooring

What are the best options for waterfront home flooring? Many people live on the coast, on a lake waterfront, or near enough to enjoy the outdoor benefits of beaches and boating. The flooring needs to be a top consideration.

Living along the coast means your flooring choices should ideally be water resistance, easy to clean, and have a strong wear layer that will hold up to sand. We believe in having the beach as an extension of our home, not just a view. Opening up the windows, allowing the salty air and humidity in is part of coastal living.

Waterfront Home Flooring

Non-Organic Materials Work Best for Waterfront Home Flooring

Beachfront or lakefront homes are sometimes enjoyed for the scenery alone. If that’s the case, waterfront home flooring can be the same as any other home. But often they are great for outdoor sports like boating, fishing, swimming, and beach activities. Obviously, the usage must be taken into account when considering flooring options.

  1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles are very resistant to water. That’s why they are often used in bathrooms. The water absorption rate is only 0.5%. The thing to be careful about is the seams between the tile and the grout. The grouting needs to be done properly to fully seal the seams in-between the tiles.
  2. Sheet Vinyl has no seams and is 100% waterproof.
  3. Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Planks are 100% waterproof depending on the seams with the tiles. The planks use lock-and-fold joinery which provides a tighter seal.
  4. Concrete is excellent but not often used in homes. It must be properly sealed upon installation.

Bathrooms floors are similar because of the high presence of moisture.

Will your new bathroom flooring hold up to water, heat, moisture and wear? There are also the less obvious questions like, how will the new bathroom floor feel to bare feet on a cold morning?

A waterfront home has similar needs. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure the best flooring for your location. It will look nicer, perform better, and last longer.

Organic Materials in Waterfront Home Flooring Need Special Protection

Organic wooden floors do not necessarily have to be taboo, but you need to consider the way they handle water. For example, in a summer home on the beach there will be high-traffic activity with water and sand. At some point the absorbency of the wood will erode the flooring and need repair or replacement.

Engineered wood is better than solid wood because of the manufacturing process. The base is sturdier and more water resistant. If solid wood floors are used, extra treatment and finishing can help protect the wood.

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