3D Accent Walls and Backsplash Designs

3D Accent Walls and Backsplash Designs

It’s 2019 and interior design is stepping up its game. What would’ve been considered brash and showy back in the day, is now accepted as trendy and stylish. Step it up this year by bringing dimension and magnitude right into your home. That might mean following through with the striking accent wall or backsplash design that’s been in the back of your mind. If you’ve ever thought about 3D interior design, this is the article for you. There are many visual features that a 3D pattern can create. How can you incorporate an illusion-like effect into your interior design?

Why 3D?

Often times, we associate 3D with a screen, but who said you can’t bring 3D into your home? It is the ultimate form of depth, diversity, and style. 3D wall panels will also deliver contemporary and modern textured wall designs. They will breathe life into your home, guaranteed. Additionally, 3D designs can be a form of self expression. Go big or go home!

3D Accent Walls

Decorative wall panels kindle extra dimension to your walls while simultaneously complimenting your furniture and statement pieces. Wall flats are 3D wall panels that create large scale textured walls and patterns. They are sculptural and dimensional surfaces that offer an elaborative and detailed alternative to regular wallpaper or paint. The 3D accent walls even date back to ancient buildings. The power of wall flats is that they blend to form a continuous, balanced, and ongoing dimensional wall. Transform the entire room with the slight addition of 3D wall flats.

3D Backsplash

What about 3D accents to upgrade the overall atmosphere? Significantly, the colors reflect light and the shapes create a sense of visual movement. An especially popular use of three-dimensional surfaces in homes is in backsplashes or bathroom interior designs. A backsplash is what turns an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into a refined luxury. Getting layered tiles or stones will absorb even more attention! There is a world of variety whether in color, size, or pattern. When it comes to your next remodeling project, be bold and make use of these 3D design options for your interior space.

Installation With Care

We take our services very seriously at Go Mobile Flooring. Ultimately, we aim to serve you in providing quality assistance and installation throughout all projects. From answering all your questions, through the decision-making process, to providing you with your dream design, all is done with care here at Go Mobile Flooring. Visit our website to see our selections! Contact us today to learn more.

Social Antique Mirrors To Design And Decorate Your Home

Antique Mirrors To Design and Decorate Your Home

There are many steps to consider when decorating your home. Sometimes after the process, you’ll find that there’s just one thing missing from the big picture. But maybe what’s lacking in your space is a simple mirror. If so, consider antique mirrors as an alternative. In a room that’s low on personality and depth, mirrors have the power to enhance the space. They double the spatial perception and attract natural light to give your home a more fulfilled ambiance. Here are some ways you can use antique mirrors to decorate your home.

How to Distinguish Antique Mirrors

We all know how greatly mirrors can influence a living space. Certainly, there are more functional rooms in your home where a clear mirror is necessary. But how can you identify an antique mirror and determine where to place it? Usually, an antique mirror will show signs of age and oxidation. Most commonly, they will also be surfaced with dark blotchy spots, scratches, or even tarnishing. Trends come and go, and while some may think antiques should stay in the past, they are a growing detail in the world of design.

Backsplash Design

The idea of installing a mirrored backsplash is perfect especially for smaller kitchens. Not only will it help to enlarge the atmosphere, but it could also complement your appliances in general. For a modernized home, the use of an antique mirror backsplash could provide a traditional touch. It may be daunting to install mirrored backsplashes throughout your entire kitchen. If that is the case, even decorating a simple wall could add lasting detail to the room.

Wall Statement

Not intrigued by the idea of a backsplash? No need to worry. Antique Mirrors are just as convenient on their own. Depending on the spirit and color schemes of your home, the mirrors can be added to bring striking attention to the room, or subtly blend in with other features. Having a dull and tarnished finish, some antique pieces are perfect if you want to achieve a distressed and vintage vibe.

Accent Wall

There’s no such thing as too much or too little when it comes to interior design. Everyone has a different perspective on art and how it can be portrayed. If you’re aiming to make the ultimate statement, consider an antique mirror accent wall for your home. It won’t be necessary to add artwork or wall frames with an antique mirror wall design to allure all the attention.

Antique Frame

Keep in mind, in order to create the “antique mirror look,” it’s not just the condition of the glass that applies. Even a clear mirror cased in an antique frame could still give your home the vibe you are looking to accomplish.

Table Decor

Ranging in a variety of sizes, you can resort to smaller antique mirrors to top off your favorite dresser or table with. If you own an entry table for you foyer, your favorite accessories combined with an ornate antique mirror will turn a mundane environment into a pleasant surprise.

Seek Go Mobile Flooring

No matter the case, seek Go Mobile Flooring for your installation needs. Whether you have a question, are unsure of, or simply need help putting something together, Go Mobile Flooring is here to assist you through the process. We have antique mirrors and mirrored backsplashes that are ready to be installed. So visit our blog to get inspired and explore different trends. Contact us today and to get your project started.

Backsplash for the Kitchen

Backsplash for the Kitchen

There are two areas in your home that benefit greatly with the addition of backsplashes: kitchens and bathrooms. Backsplash for the kitchen is a great addition because it helps when it comes to clean-up, and it adds a stylish element of beauty.

Backsplash for the Kitchen

Backsplash for the Kitchen Protects the Walls

While the ultimate intention of a backsplash is to protect permeable wall structures from the soak and splatter of water, grease and cooking materials, backsplashes make it much easier for a homeowner to maintain a clean kitchen design.

The most obvious benefit of backsplash is around the counters and especially behind sinks. This is common sense. Water damage can stain and destroy both drywall surfaces and wooden panels. This problem is eliminated with ceramic tile backsplash.

Backsplash for the Kitchen Enhances the Workspace

If you’re contemplating a kitchen counter backsplash for your home, your first task will be to determine which materials you want to use.

Tiles are the most common and usually they are made of ceramic. There are numerous options on the market so you can perfectly align the design features of your kitchen. Adding backsplash around your counters involves more than just additional material; it also means an enhanced appearance.

Backsplash for the Kitchen Improves the Beauty of the Area

The backsplash is where you can really have fun with your material choice and your application. Tile is usually the way to go. Ceramic is the traditional choice. And, you can never go wrong with white subway tile. But, there are also, many options in glass, and even antiqued mirror. Your back splash decision doesn’t stop with the choice of tiles. Traditionally, a back splash is a few inches high. But choose something different for more impact. Go higher up the wall, either halfway, or even all the way to the ceiling.

Designers know the power of imagination, and it is the core of creativity. Whether you employ an interior designer or take on the role yourself, it is tremendously satisfying to turn your kitchen work area into a piece of art. You could say “masterpiece” if you really like it!

Backsplash for the Kitchen Increases Resale Value

Even if you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, upgrades are a good idea and a great investment. If you do sell your home, the added value of kitchen improvements far exceed the cost of installation.

By adding backsplash in your kitchen, you are giving yourself a perfect excuse to create a beautiful and practical area where you spend a lot of time. Go for it!

backsplash tile in bathroom

Backsplash for the Bathroom

Adding backsplash in your bathroom is important because water tends to cause damage when it is allowed to sit or soak into materials. The purpose of backsplash is to avoid water damage to materials on walls or cabinets.

There are several good reasons to install backsplash around your bathroom sinks, showers, and tubs.


Backsplash Preserves the Walls

We all know how water can ruin walls or cabinets. Paint helps, but in most cases it is not enough. The simple step to add a backsplash will provide greater protection.

Backsplashing the Sink

Around the Sink

Backsplash is an Upgrade

Many things contribute to the value of your home. Often small things add much more value to your home than they cost to install. It’s worth the small expense and a little of your time to backsplash your bathrooms.

Backsplashing the Tub

Around the Tub

Backsplash is Affordable

If your home is newly constructed, it is likely the builders already installed backsplash in the bathrooms and kitchen.  But often the areas needing protection are merely painted. You need to determine whether or not this upgrade is necessary. Fear not! The cost and is very low, and the labor is minimal.

The cost and effort associated with installing side backsplash pieces are minimal. All you need to do to install countertop backsplash is apply a little adhesive to the back of the backsplash pieces and press them in place up against the wall.

Mark J. Donovan / Home Addition Plus

The large home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot carry everything you need to successfully complete this project. Also there is an abundance of YouTube videos showing step-by-step instructions on how to do it. The effort will pay for itself two-fold: it will add beauty to your home, and it will increase the value of your home. Go for it!