3D Accent Walls and Backsplash Designs

3D Accent Walls and Backsplash Designs

It’s 2019 and interior design is stepping up its game. What would’ve been considered brash and showy back in the day, is now accepted as trendy and stylish. Step it up this year by bringing dimension and magnitude right into your home. That might mean following through with the striking accent wall or backsplash design that’s been in the back of your mind. If you’ve ever thought about 3D interior design, this is the article for you. There are many visual features that a 3D pattern can create. How can you incorporate an illusion-like effect into your interior design?

Why 3D?

Often times, we associate 3D with a screen, but who said you can’t bring 3D into your home? It is the ultimate form of depth, diversity, and style. 3D wall panels will also deliver contemporary and modern textured wall designs. They will breathe life into your home, guaranteed. Additionally, 3D designs can be a form of self expression. Go big or go home!

3D Accent Walls

Decorative wall panels kindle extra dimension to your walls while simultaneously complimenting your furniture and statement pieces. Wall flats are 3D wall panels that create large scale textured walls and patterns. They are sculptural and dimensional surfaces that offer an elaborative and detailed alternative to regular wallpaper or paint. The 3D accent walls even date back to ancient buildings. The power of wall flats is that they blend to form a continuous, balanced, and ongoing dimensional wall. Transform the entire room with the slight addition of 3D wall flats.

3D Backsplash

What about 3D accents to upgrade the overall atmosphere? Significantly, the colors reflect light and the shapes create a sense of visual movement. An especially popular use of three-dimensional surfaces in homes is in backsplashes or bathroom interior designs. A backsplash is what turns an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into a refined luxury. Getting layered tiles or stones will absorb even more attention! There is a world of variety whether in color, size, or pattern. When it comes to your next remodeling project, be bold and make use of these 3D design options for your interior space.

Installation With Care

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