Manufacturer Spotlight: Tarkett

Manufacturer Spotlight: Tarkett

Go Mobile Flooring serves the greater Tampa Bay area with the latest in home flooring solutions. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our many manufacturing partners, Tarkett. Tarkett is a world-renowned leader in sustainable flooring design. As a result, it brings the latest in flooring options and sustainability to Tampa Bay.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Tarkett

Multiple Options, Multiple Solutions

In total, Tarkett has over 260 design options to offer among 13 distinct collections. These options range from luxury vinyl tile and planks to vinyl sheets and laminate. As a result, by combining different colors, looks, and textures, Tarkett and Go Mobile Flooring can deliver customers a truly unique flooring choice.

Award-Winning Design From Tarkett

In 2017, the company earned the Red Dot Award for its iD Mixonomi flooring collection. This prestigious award recognized Tarkett for a truly innovative collection that gave consumers the ability to create personalized flooring options. More information regarding the iD Mixonomi flooring collection can be found here.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

In addition to its award-winning designs, the company has worked to reduce its environmental impact. In fact, it has reduced waste-to-landfill contribution by 16 percent year over year. Similarly, Tarkett designers are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy and water needed to create their products. The company has also received certification from The Asthma and Allergy Foundation for its use of products that promote good health. Further, Tarkett is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020. This is all part of the company’s mission to “design for life.”

Trusted Tampa Partner

Go Mobile Flooring is proud to serve the Tampa Bay community. By offering outstanding solutions from partners like Tarkett, Go Mobile Flooring provides the latest in design and innovation to customers. Our mobile showroom is the best way to experience all we have to offer. By bringing all of your flooring options to your front door, we let you weigh the choices right in the comfort of your home.

For more information about Go Mobile Flooring and our partners, like Tarkett, please contact us today. We are excited to bring our mobile showroom to your area, whether you are in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater or Land O’ Lakes.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clean, fresh-looking carpets make a great first impression in your home. Therefore, cleaning the carpets in your home can be the quickest way to give it a facelift. However, deciding the best way to clean your carpets often depends on convenience and cost. Some homeowners are also worried about the use of chemicals, especially if there are pets or young children in the home. Below are some of the main differences between two of the most popular carpet cleaning methods: dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Many people consider steam carpet cleaning to be the better method. How could it not be, when you’re using a machine full of hot steam that is meant to deep clean your carpets? However, it’s important to note that the steam alone doesn’t do all the work. Steam clean machines spray shampoo into the carpet which is then activated by the steam and water. The steam cleaner then sucks the water and shampoo out of the carpet. Steam cleaning leaves behind very little residue, but it will leave your carpets wet. Most professionals recommend staying off your carpet for 12 to 24 hours to allow it to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In contrast, dry carpet cleaning allows you to use your carpets almost immediately afterward. However, a slight bit of water is used in this method. Dry cleaners are sprinkled on the carpet. These cleaners break down the set-in stains and dirt in the carpet. Dry carpet cleaners can be harsh. They are often used in commercial and retail settings due to the quick drying time.

Pros & Cons

In general, dry carpet cleaners are considered harsher than steam cleaners, so if you have small children or pets in your home, you might want to doublecheck that the dry carpet cleaners are not toxic. Steam carpet cleaners are often available in odor-free, dye-free versions, which also makes it a better choice for allergy sufferers. In addition to having to wait up to 24 hours after a steam clean to walk on your carpets again, steam cleaning can also require multiple treatments on particularly difficult stains.

To find out more about carpeting, including the best ones for your home and lifestyle, contact Go Mobile Flooring today. We are happy to bring our mobile showroom to your neighborhood. We serve the greater Tampa Bay area, including Brandon, Pasco and Pinellas counties, Clearwater and Wesley Chapel.

Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Chances are you’re not going to use the same type of flooring throughout your house. Even with an open floor plan, different rooms call for different aesthetics. And, some flooring types are not necessarily the best for all uses. Carpet in the kitchen probably isn’t the smartest idea. So, what’s the best way to transition from one flooring type to another? Below are a few ways to achieve a clean and unified look through your flooring transition.

Flooring Transition Tips And Tricks

Look for Obvious Start-Stop Points

There are often natural transition points throughout your house. An entryway or hallway offers a clean stop and start point for a flooring transition. So do the architectural lines of your house. Line up different flooring types with the edge of a wall or elevation changes. If your living room or kitchen has a step or two in between, this creates a natural start and stop point.

Make Transitions Part of the Design

With such beautiful and cost-effective flooring options available today, it’s easy to use different flooring types as part of your design. Even a darker or lighter shade of the same flooring or a different type of grain can be used as a purposeful design choice. Consider lining hallways with a different flooring type to create a unique look; or outline your entryway with tile that might hold up better under frequent foot traffic.

Use Transitions to Define Your Space

In a truly open floor plan, the above options may not be available. In that case, take the opportunity to use your flooring transitions to define your space. If your living room and dining room flow into each other, where would a natural stop and start point be? What about your kitchen or entryway? If you are not working with a contractor or interior designer, considering sketching out your options first, by looking at your floor plan as a series of geometric areas.

However you decide to treat flooring transitions in your home, Go Mobile Flooring can help. To find out how to bring our mobile showroom to your home, please contact us today. Serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding neighborhoods, we’re happy to bring our full selection of hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet and vinyl flooring to your doorstep.

Carpet Fibers 101: Nylon

Carpet Fibers 101: Nylon

Due to its durability and relatively low cost, nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers in the industry. Let’s look at some of the key features and benefits of nylon carpet.

Carpet Fibers 101: Nylon

Engineered in a Lab

Nylon was invented by DuPont in 1935 but wasn’t used commercially until 1939. It would take another 20 years of testing and innovation for nylon to be used as a carpet fiber. DuPont introduced bulked continuous filament nylon in 1959. It was the first truly synthetic fiber and soon became the standard in the carpet industry.

Long-Lasting and Resilient

Nylon carpet is highly resilient and long-lasting. This makes the material perfect for flooring that must withstand a lot of foot traffic. Here are a few of nylon’s other qualities:

  • Stain Resistant: Nylon is highly absorbent, meaning that stains and spills won’t sink deep into the carpet and leave behind a stain. Especially resistant is solution-dyed nylon, which makes the color part of the fiber itself. In this type of nylon, the color is permanent and fade-resistant.
  • Bounceback Factor: Due to its molecular composition, nylon responds very well to steam cleaning. The heat from steam cleaning activates hydrogen molecules present in nylon, helping to revive areas on the carpet that might have flattened from foot traffic.
  • Strong: Nylon’s resiliency also translates into strength. It is a sturdy fiber that can withstand abrasion, another great feature for carpeting.

Affordable Options

Nylon is also generally affordable and can be found in a variety of colors. Thus, it is a great choice for commercial and residential use. The quality of nylon carpet will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but whether made in-house or by a third party, nylon is an excellent option for all flooring needs.

At Your Doorstep

Go Mobile Flooring serves the greater Tampa area and can bring flooring options right to your door. Our mobile showroom makes it easy to examine and even sample flooring in your home, giving you a better chance of making the right choice the first time. Please contact us today to find out how you can get a free in-home consultation.

For more information about carpet fiber types, including polyester, please click here.

Carpet Fibers 101: Polyester

Carpet Fibers 101: Polyester

Polyester carpet has been a popular choice in floor covering for a long time, and understandably so. Not only is it durable and aesthetically pleasing, it also has a high level of stain resistance and is very affordable.Carpet Fibers 101: Polyester

The Look of Polyester Carpet

Polyester’s high-luster appearance lends itself to carpets in a wide range of beautiful colors. You can easily see its lustrous appeal by comparing it, for instance, to a nylon carpet in the same color. Polyester stands out for its vibrant hues, while nylon carpet has a much more matte tone.


Polyester carpet is inherently stain resistant, though not completely stain-proof because polyester is made with a closed-cell fiber. While it may not have quite the durability of nylon carpet, new technology has closed the gap between nylon and polyester carpet, making polyester now stronger than ever before.


Polyester carpet tends to be less expensive than nylon carpet because of the lower cost of raw materials and the manufacturing process. This makes polyester a great option if you have a limited budget; you will get a better value for your money. And since polyester carpets are available in a wide range of styles and price points, you will have a plethora of choices.


While synthetic fibers may not be quite as environmentally friendly as natural fibers, polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers, considerably more so than nylon. Polyester is also very easy to recycle. Additionally, most of the polyester used in carpet manufacturing today is made from recycled PET (from plastic soft-drinks bottles.) This process keeps millions of plastic bottles out of landfills; plus, it reduces the amount of resources needed in the manufacturing process.

At Go Mobile Flooring, you can rely on our fifty years of combined experience to bring you the ultimate options in polyester carpet. We bring the showroom to you, so you can examine the quality and range of our flooring at your convenience. Give us a call to arrange an appointment for an on-site consultation today.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Indusparquet
Manufacturer Spotlight: Indusparquet

Go Mobile Flooring is proud to partner with the best manufacturers of quality flooring in the business. One of our partners is Indusparquet. Founded in 1970 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Indusparquet is a family business with over 4 generations working at the company. In fact, many of the original employees are still there. Below is an overview of Indusparquet and the type of premium hardwood flooring they offer. And of course, if you’d like to see examples up close, please contact us; we’ll be happy to bring our mobile showroom to your front door.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Indusparquet

All in the Family

Started in 1970 by Kiko Uliana and Jose Antonio Baggio, the two worked in the family’s sawmill from a young age and were creating and installing parquet floors on the weekend in their late teens. Since then, they take great pride in their organization, which has become known globally as a quality source of premium hardwood. They are also known for being committed to ethics, sustainability, and technology throughout its manufacturing process. Over 4 generations of their family have worked at Indusparquet.

Over a Century of Experience

Their family-owned sawmills have been operating in Brazil for more than 100 years, which means Indusparquet brings a century of experience to their process. However, the company has worked hard to stay at the forefront of technology. Over 500 employees use their technical skills and knowledge every day to export quality goods to 5 continents. They believe in using ethically-sourced and sustainable materials. All of their raw materials must have forest management certification from the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources.

Enhance Your Home

Indusparquet offers the following collections:

  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Santos Mahogany
  • 3/8″ and 1/2″ Engineered Flooring
  • Coterie Collection with designs by Kiko Uliana

Each of these collections have rich colors that will enhance the look of any home. So, no matter which option you choose, Indusparquet flooring will give your home an air of sophistication; and you’ll be using a quality product that’s meant to last.

Mobile Showroom

Go Mobile Flooring serves Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas, including Pasco and Pinellas counties, Brandon, Clearwater and Land O’ Lakes. To see Indusparquet flooring for yourself or for a free in-home consultation, please contact Go Mobile Flooring today.

GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types

If you surveyed 100 people about their artistic views, you would get 100 different responses. It’s the same thing with tastes about flooring types. Some like the appeal and class of hardwood, some like the warmth and comfort of carpeting and when it comes to color, texture, sheen, durability, and costs, it would be nearly impossible to arrive at a consensus. That is why combining flooring types is a valid consideration.

Personal taste and a home’s design ultimately guide the decor’s direction. When you want to mix flooring types, however, you will need to think about continuity and flow. By chopping up the flow of a space haphazardly with different flooring materials, you will make it appear disjointed or broken up. A home should flow effortlessly without being too bland or too mismatched. So, go ahead. Use a mix of wood, tile and carpet. Just do it in a way that makes practical and decorative sense.
Homeguides SFGATE

Here are a few examples of combinations that are commonly used:

Combining Flooring Types: HARDWOOD AND CARPET

The natural beauty of hardwood is amazing, but it lacks the warmth and coziness of carpeting. By sectioning off a special area for carpeting, this can produce the best of both worlds. If the colors and patterns work together, the result will be dramatic.

Combining Flooring Types: CARPET AND TILE

Similarly, tile and carpet can achieve the same thing. Metal strips are available to make the transition from one to the other seamless. Tile is flexible and is great in kitchen areas where spills are likely. In a home with a great room, there may be no clear barrier between the kitchen area and the living room area. Going from tile to carpeting can be the perfect way to maintain the openness while at the same time providing a different feel in each area.

GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types: TILE AND HARDWOOD

There is no reason to rule out combinations that do not include carpeting. Hardwood and tile can work well together as well. Remember to consider texture, color, patterns, and sheen when mixing tile and hardwood. If the colors are close, it may turn out like a mismatch.  If they are too contrasting, it may seem gaudy or unattractive.
So in summary, let’s keep all options open. There are wonderful and affordable choices available. Go Mobile Flooring can bring our mobile showroom to you so you can see a plethora of possibilities. If you have an eye for design, the challenge of combining floor types ought to be a great opportunity to use your skills. If you don’t have that ability, no problem, we can give you expert advice.

Buyers Guide Series: Perfect Carpeting


Styles range from plush to fringe, to texture to frieze.

Looking to refurbish your dingy old carpet but questioning yourself as to where to begin? Here are some tips and tricks to buying the perfect carpeting to spice up your space.

Start from the bottom up. A good padding will add support, strength, and that little bit of added cushion that you will treasure. The rubber or foam carpet padding also helps insulate your home to help control the temperature. Padding will also help keep your carpet stay young by preventing carpet backing and fibers from deteriorating. Don’t be afraid to ask for a professional opinion before you choose your carpet padding!

Choose your carpet style wisely because it will be looking up at you for years to come. Look at all the styles before you pick “the one”. Styles range from plush to fringe, to texture to frieze. Instead of picking the carpet based on looks, be sure to consider your lifestyle and how you will be using the carpet. If you plan on lying on the carpet and playing with your kids, maybe you will benefit from the plush style. Is the carpet going in the “special events only” dining room? Go for the fancier style that matches the room perfectly.

Don’t break the bank. Be sure to request an estimate for the materials and the installation separately. This way you will know exactly how much each element of the process will cost you. Be smart about the carpet choices for each room. To keep costs low, opt for a more affordable carpet for you guest rooms, while a stain-resistant carpet may be best for the family room.

Know the maintenance your new carpet will require. If you aren’t looking to vacuum every single day, don’t choose a carpet that is high maintenance. Textured rugs will more easily hide footprint marks and level loop carpets will resist dirt to make carpet clean up easy.

No matter which carpet you pick, be sure to be smart in your decision. Don’t skimp out on the high quality padding, pick the style that best fits your lifestyle, budget correctly, and do your research on all things maintenance. Soon you will be making carpet angels in your brand new carpet with a huge smile of satisfaction on your face.

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Pick the Perfect Padding


The backbone of your carpet’s comfort is the padding.

Underneath the surface of your carpet sits the backbone of your carpet’s comfort: the padding. Not really sure which carpet padding to pick? Does each room need a different type? Wait, there are different types?! Don’t worry, here’s a quick cheat sheet on what you need to know to pick the perfect carpet padding.

First, find out the carpet manufacturer’s general requirements. This will help you choose the thickness and density that you will need to make sure your carpet performs the way you want it to. Also, knowing the general requirements can help you avoid an issue such as having a carpet that is too thick and interferes with the anchoring of the carpet.

Second, determine how much traffic your carpet’s location will be getting. For bedrooms, dens, lounging areas, and rooms that receive only light to moderate traffic it is suggested that you get a thicker cushion. Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, stairs and heavy traffic areas demand a thinner and firmer cushion.

Thirdly, be sure to learn your specific carpet type. There are many different constructions of carpet ranging form cut pile to level loop to patterned-pile so be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for your carpet type to ensure that you pick the perfect padding.

Finally, be aware that if you have a heated floor system, underneath the carpet may require a specific cushion. Be sure to check the thermal resistance rating of both the carpet and the padding.

The many benefits of having the perfect padding includes an increase in the carpet’s comfort level, extending the carpet’s life, and helping reduce sound. Examine all your options and don’t be afraid to ask professionals for their opinion.

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nylon carpet

Four Basic Fibers Used in Carpet: Nylon Fibers

nylon carpet

Four Basic Fibers Used in Carpet: Nylon Fibers

When it comes to carpet fibers, nylon is especially renowned for its strength and versatility. Nylon’s inherent durability make it ideal for lively, busy families and whether cut or loop pile, nylon can produce the greatest variety of carpet styles in the broadest array of colors, making it a great addition to your home.

Because it’s the toughest of synthetic fibers, Nylon carpet fibers make far more long-lasting carpets than any other. Naturally resistant to wear and tear, a nylon carpet will last up to 20 years. Nylon carpets are also super easy to maintain as nylon carpet fibers naturally resist dirt, stains, rot, mold and mildew, allowing your carpet to look and feel new for many years. And even with such a great reputation and wide range of benefits, nylon carpet is surprisingly affordable.

Of course, like with any other flooring material, nylon carpet fibers have some drawbacks. To maximize the life of your nylon carpet be sure to stay away from cleaning materials containing bleach or heavy acids as these can discolor and damage the carpet fibers. You should also make sure that your new nylon carpet is treated with an antistatic coating, as untreated nylon carpet fibers can build up quite a static charge, which may be harmful to some household electronics.

Out of the four basic fibers used in carpets, nylon is the strongest, most durable and common carpet flooring option around. Nylon fibers not only make super durable carpets, they allow for greater variety in color, pattern and design, making it a great and practical choice for any space in your home.

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