Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Tile For Your Bathroom

Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Tile For Your Bathroom

Trying to find the best tile for your bathroom? While it might seem like a simple decision, the truth is there are more options available today than ever before. From gorgeously glazed ceramics to striking sandblasted stone, the only limits are your imagination… and your budget. Here are some of Go Mobile Flooring’s top tips for choosing tile that’s beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain:

Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Tile For Your Bathroom

Think About Budget

When it comes to choosing bathroom tile, aesthetics isn’t the only concern; you also need to consider the cost of various flooring options. In general, styles of flooring range in price from low-cost ceramic to high-end natural stone, with porcelain and glass options falling somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, the best tile for your bathroom is the one you can afford.

Consider the Cleaning

Natural stone tile might be one of the most beautiful, luxe options out there. However, it’s also one of the more difficult styles to clean. If you don’t have a lot of time for scrubbing showers – and don’t want to hire a professional – you might consider opting for maintenance-free porcelain or ceramic. Because these materials don’t have pores, they don’t hold onto dirt and grime like stone does.

Set on stonework in your master bath? Consider using this textured tile on the floor or another area that doesn’t get wet.

Keep Variety to a Minimum

Creating your bathroom color palette can be an exciting prospect and also a challenging one. After all, choosing too many shades can result in a bathroom that looks less than sophisticated. For best results, select the colors for your cabinets and vanity before choosing tiles. Then, choose your focal point tile (the most visually interesting one) and complement it with subtler shades. In general, designers recommend abiding by the rule of three when choosing bath tile, using a neutral shade, a rich shade, and an accent shade in a 70/20/10 distribution.

Trust Go Mobile Flooring With Your Bathroom Remodel

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Schluter ® Kerdi Board Floors Go Great in Any Bathroom


A substrate that can replace materials like fiberboard, green board, and Dura rock.

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Bathrooms can provide unique tiling challenges because the substrate needs to be flat, waterproof, and not cause the tile to rest above any adjoining surfaces. Often, during construction or renovation in wet areas, the surface to be tiled is completely unacceptable for tiling. Luckily, Schluter Systems has created Kerdi-Board.

Kerdi-Board is a substrate that can replace materials like fiberboard, green board, and Dura rock on shower walls and bathroom floors. Paired with our tile and mortar solutions, you have a complete, waterproof bathroom solution that is beautiful and functional.

Kerdi-Board is comprised of a lightweight polystyrene foam interior, with fleece webbing on either side to ensure tight bonding to any surface. Additionally, the surface has convenient gridlines for precise tile alignment and cutting. Speaking of cutting, Kerdi-Board can be chopped and shaped easily with a utility knife, no need for big, messy saws.

Kerdi-Board can also be used as a building material to create free-standing structures that will be covered with tile. It is easy to move around and the boards are completely waterproof, temperature resistant, and anti-microbial. Kerdi-board comes in a number of thicknesses, in order to meet your needs for adjoining surfaces. Choose Schluter Kerdi-Board for your next bathroom renovation project.

Schluter has provided innovative stone and ceramic tile installation solutions for over 40 years. What began as a simple tile installation company has since grown to an international firm with over 40 product lines and a reputation unmatched in the industry.

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heated bathroom

Heated Flooring in Your Bathroom This Winter

heated bathroom

There are two kinds of bathroom floor heating systems, electric radiant heat and Hydronic heating.


During winter months, it is almost impossible to escape the season’s chills. Bare feet on a cold bathroom floor are a rude awakening to each and every day. There is, however, an alternative. This year, consider adding heated flooring to your bathroom.

There are two kinds of bathroom floor heating systems. Electric radiant heat, which utilizes electricity and is ideal for single bathrooms; and Hydronic heating, which utilizes heated water through a system of tubes and is ideal for wiring an entire house. The use of these heating styles is ideal under tile, ceramic or porcelain floors, for they are strong conductors. Wood floors, however, are relatively inefficient because of their delayed heating time. Both styles require small wiring, meaning that the height of your bathroom’s flooring will not make a noticeable difference.

The advantages of heated flooring in your bathroom are plentiful. Many floors are hooked up to a wall thermostat—and believe it or not, the use of this floor may result in a decrease in your electric bill. Floors that are heated in the morning often stay warm throughout the day. This means you can cut down on your use of other thermostats without having to compromise your comfort. In addition, heated floors are a luxury that once you experience; you will not be able to live without. As a result, such flooring can come in handy when selling your home, for it may give your house the extra appeal to trump its competition. Keep warm this season—and every season after. Install heated flooring in your home’s bathroom.

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JK Cabinetry

Cabinetry and Bath New Manufacturer Highlight: J&K Cabinetry

JK Cabinetry

JK Cabinetry stands out for affordability and high quality.

A manufacturer of finished cabinetry for kitchens and baths, J&K Cabinetry stands out for offering affordable, durable, and customizable home storage solutions. Combining sleek design with necessary efficiency, J&K Cabinetry crafts unique and stylish cabinets that elevate the form and function of a home.

Of utmost importance to J&K Cabinetry is ensuring that their cabinets are of the highest quality. This commitment to excellence in manufacturing is what makes J&K Cabinetry an asset in any home remodel. Just one example of J&K Cabinetry’s dedication to quality is found in the meticulous, multi-step process they use to finish each cabinet’s surface for optimal resilience and visual appeal. This practice results in a structurally and facially strong cabinet that is consistently smooth and scuff resistant.

Despite J&K Cabinetry’s rigid adherence to creating quality cabinets, homeowners will appreciate this manufacturer’s flexible range of products that can accommodate budgets of any size. J&K Cabinetry is fundamentally purposed in offering homeowners a valuable home remodel option. For J&K Cabinetry, this involves making products that are as affordable as they are elegant without compromising quality.

Just as J&K Cabinetry caters to any budget, their cabinets cater to every taste. Whether a home remodel calls for French antique flair or southern charm, J&K Cabinetry’s distinctive designs can be fashioned to meet the aesthetic needs of any style. Traditional, transitional and modern offerings from J&K Cabinetry also provide a timeless, lasting backdrop for a kitchen or bath. As custom or simple as can be imagined J&K Cabinetry is able to work with every homeowner in perfecting each desired detail, from molding to hinges.

Along with impeccable design, J&K Cabinetry units feature efficient storage and organization tools. Wanting to bring more order to every day living spaces, J&K Cabinetry provides endless options for home organization including drawer organizers, door-mounted accessories, and multi-tiered solutions.

From kitchen islands to bathroom medicine cabinets, J&K Cabinetry is an ideal home remodel partner for homeowners seeking the best value for their budget.


Timberlake: New Cabinetry & Bath Manufacturer


Timberlake offers eco-friendly products that are locally manufactured at a reasonable cost.

Many homeowners have concerns about the products they use to upgrade their homes. Environmental consciousness is becoming a more popular contributor when making the decision about which products are used when building a new home or renovating a current one. When it comes to cabinets, Timberlake is committed to offering eco-friendly products that are locally manufactured at a reasonable cost.

Sustainability is important to the company. That is why more than 75 percent of their hardwood comes from sustainable forests within the United States, particularly the Appalachian Mountains, where for each tree harvested; more than two trees are replanted. Timberlake also works with all of their suppliers to encourage sustainable practices.

Most United States residents live within 500 miles of a Timberlake assembly plant, resulting in lower emissions output when distributing their products. Low carbon footprint is important to the folks at Timberlake. With their focus on sustainability and using local suppliers, Timberlake cabinetry is a great choice when thinking about not only the future of your home, but also the future of the planet.

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ubath cabinentry and bath with vanity

Cabinetry and Bath: Vanities from Ubath and More

ubath cabinentry and bath with vanity

Beautiful marble flooring by Ubath

In home design, bathrooms are often given the least attention. Usually the smallest room in the house, bathrooms are easy to overlook, especially when undergoing a renovation that impacts the whole house. However, with the right products and design elements, a bathroom can easily transition into a relaxing, spa-like space or glamorous dressing room. Vanities and other bathroom fixtures aren’t merely necessities in a bathroom, but can also greatly influence the aesthetics and functionality of a space. We are pleased to feature a variety of bathroom décor options, including vanities from Ubath, to help enhance your bathroom’s offerings.

Whether you are seeking a minimalistic approach or a trendier scheme, Ubath’s vanities, along with our other cabinetry and accessory selections, have resulted in visually stunning products for any taste that are as durable as they are attractive. Our selection of materials, finishes, and hardware allow you to make your bathroom as customizable as you can imagine without compromising your functional needs.

From classic ceramic built in sinks to raised wash-basins, our bathroom fixtures feature superior craftsmanship and premium materials for the ultimate design and utility. With our bath products, we continue to provide our customers with the best value and quality for home design and renovation. View more tile flooring options here.